The Unicorn Archetype

Lexi D'Angelo



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Are you a unicorn? Do you want to be? 🦄

Let’s talk about what invoking the unicorn archetype would mean for your life and business.

The unicorn archetype is all about someone who really understands the importance of having fun in ALL areas of their life, with business being just *one* of them.

The unicorn understands the importance of play, of leading with your passion and pleasure and making decisions from that space of pure happiness. They love to really enjoy life and find the joy in #allthethings, no matter how small.

Does this sound like what you’d love for yourself?

Another aspect of the unicorn is someone who likes to stand out from the crowd and be different. They don’t do what everyone else is doing, just because. They don’t sludge through work that sucks the joy out of their day because of the generic success attached to it.

When I first started this biz thang, I struggled big time with accessing my inner unicorn. 🦄

It was all grind, grind, grind, non-stop.

And I was prettttty successful pretty quickly…by other people’s definitions of success.

Sure, I hit the “coveted” six-figure mark, but I found myself quickly burned out, in pain, and eventually in the hospital on morphine. (You can read the rest of that story here.)

Not. Worth. It.

This all ensued because I was grinding it out, and not taking time for myself. I wasn’t intentional with my time and pursuing activities that brought me joy.

I guess there was *some* fun and play along the way, of course, but not much self-care because it wasn’t a priority at the time. I even remember having a conversation with a friend, a couple of years ago, where I said, “I don’t even have hobbies. I don’t even KNOW what I like to do for fun anymore.”

**Raise your hand if you’ve ever even thought this since starting your business!**

In the past, if someone were to tell me to go have fun, I would go read a business book or go post on social media. I had become soooo obsessed with my business in a way that was so unhealthy.

I no longer had anything else fueling me.

And so then I started to get curious about trying new things here and there, like going out to dinner with friends more, going to workout classes, traveling…not because of business, but because I wanted to explore.

Going out dancing.

Just being with Jake…binge watching Netflix, or reading non-business books, or going on sex retreats. 😉

That’s when things inside of my business started to heat up too.🔥

Amazing things were happening because I was able to draw inspiration from these other places and weave them into parts of my business.

And I think that’s reallyyy important:

That we’re taking the things that inspire us and sprinkling them into our business in a new, creative way.

A way that helps us stand out and get the attention of people because it’s fresh, it’s a different perspective, it’s thinking outside the box. Because if we stay stuck inside of our business or industry, it gets easier to fall in line with what everyone else is doing and harder to think for ourselves.


Look outwards for inspiration

I really believe that being able to look outwards for inspiration and find things that fuel you is *soo* important, because you can’t just keep running on empty.

Having fun and pursuing other passions is the fuel to keep you going, not just for your business but in ALL areas of your life as well.

That’s why inside of the Fully Activated Woman experience, we’re going to be diving into doing business in a fun, invigorating way. And of course, how to have pleasurable experiences beyond just your business, because your business shouldn’t be the only thing that lights you up.

You deserve a business AND a lifestyle that you’re obsessed with. 😍 You totally CAN create a business that’s really fun and really pleasurable and allows you to do things outside of it that make you feel whole and fulfilled.



Lexi D'Angelo

Love + Spice,



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