WTF Do I do in My Biz?

Lexi D'Angelo




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It was brought to my attention yesterday that people have no idea WTF I do.

A friend and team member of mine was explaining to me that she had spoken with several peeps to get an understanding of what they knew about me and my business and the results were…confusing.

They ranged from, “I have no fucking clue what she’s doing anymore,” to “I feel like she’ll tell me to get in touch with my vagina and then I’ll make money in my business.”


From our conversation, I realized that my messaging probably isn’t the clearest, which is confusing for everyone. I mean, I talk about everything from your unique magic, to your methodology, to your movement, to sexuality, to astrology, to archetypes, to straight up biz strategy, to mindset work…it goes on.

The truth is, I’m multi-passionate (shocker) and multi-purposed. I do the work I do for LOTS of reasons.

>> I love helping women unapologetically claim their gifts and make a true impact (and income) with the work they’re doing in the world.

>> I love supporting women to create multi-dimensional and unique experiences for their clients, that yield incredible results and keeps their peeps comin’ back for more.

>> I love guiding women on their path to discovering their core truths and helping them feel confident in sharing their message with the world.

>> I love empowering women to embrace their female cycles and own their sexuality so they can truly tap into their potent power.

>> I love navigating women through their internal landscape and helping them overcome blocks, sabotage, and limiting beliefs so they can realize their fullest potential.

>> I love bringing esoteric and out-there concepts down to earth for the modern day women so they don’t feel intimidated by spirituality, but instead, feel intrigued and connected to the mystery and magic of it all.

…and there’s so much more I love supporting women with too, but I’ll pause here for now.

Back to my convo with my friend…

She asked me if we could explore how I would support a client through a certain situation because she wanted to get an idea of the work I do and how we could explain it to others.

For shits and giggles, she presented something that was going on in her life that she needed support around. She shared that she went to a retreat a few weeks ago and had spoken to dozens of friends (who are incredible coaches she trusts) and she still wasn’t able to work things out.

I said I’d take a stab at it.

She presented me with what was going on and I asked her a few questions and reflected some things. That’s it.

She was like, “Wow. I’ve got it. You’re a transformational life + biz coach who helps female leaders move past their resistance and evolve into their true power.”

Now it was my turn to be confused. “Ummm. That’s still vague AF though…And I don’t want the pressure of being some transformational guru. What if people come to me expecting for things to totally change and I don’t know…”

She then responded with, “In just 3 minutes with some half-ass attempt you pulled things out and gave me more to think about than all these other people have. I think you’ll do just fine with that pressure. Jesus.”

I’ve been chewing over our convo ever since, and I have to admit, she’s right.


I AM a transformational coach for female leaders.

I DO help women with both life and business thangs, because honestly? It’s all connected. I don’t think you can do this work and experience profound results if don’t take a holistic approach.

I DO guide women to become aware of, befriend, and move past their resistance and limiting beliefs so they can truly experience their next evolution of leadership.


My clients HAVE tapped into their true power and trust their inner wisdom like never before. And they are doing BIG things in the world now that they have.

When we co-create together, magic truly does happen. People’s lives and businesses LITERALLY transform. It’s an alchemical process that can’t be explained but has to be experienced.

So if you’re ready to move past all the things that are keeping you stuck and are blocking you from your true power…if you’re ready to experience deep and profound transformation inside of ALL areas of your life and business…then I would love to invite you to join me inside of the Fully Activated Woman 12-month experience.

This program’s primary focus is to guide you into your next evolution of leadership so you can create massive impact in the world—in business and your personal life.

How the hell do we do this? Like I said, through a holistic approach that looks at ALL areas of your life.

Inside of FAW, we’ll be focusing on activating 12 archetypal pillars so you can tap into all facets of yourself and your leadership at ANY given time. Once these are unlocked and you know how to work with the magic of each pillar, everything becomes possible.


I’m talking tangible and intangible results…


– Make $10k, $30k, hell, even $100k months (yep, it’s possible!)

– Increase your revenue while working fewer hours and doing more of what you LOVE

– Identify your key focus areas and map out the specific actions that will help you hit your big goals

– Get unicorn clients flocking to you and signing up for your programs again and again and again

– Unlock your unique methodology and curriculum to create multi-dimensional experiences that stand out and wow your peeps

– Launch courses and products that will help allow you to stop trading dollars for hours

– Share your story + message with the masses for massive impact and income

– Create community + sisterhood inside of your programs that allows for deep connection and lifelong friendships

– Establish systems + structures that serve your soul’s purpose and help you scale your business with ease and joy

– Get access to my wide and deep network and make connections with industry leaders

– Identify and land PR opportunities to get known in your industry



– Clearly own + communicate your worth, power, and unique positioning so ideal clients can immediately understand why the must work with YOU

– Feel so aligned and on fiiiiire with your mission and purpose that you take aligned action steps that yield big results

– Think outside of the box and getting creative when it comes to business strategies and solutions

– Bring woo-woo + spiritual concepts down to earth and make them way more practical and approachable

– Become a transformational coach who can help clients see past the cloud of confusion, limiting beliefs, resistance so they can experience life-changing shifts

– Take a holistic approach to the work you do and learn how to help clients experience transformation in one area of their life that then permeates all other areas

– Learn how to take ALL of your quirks, passions, and interests and swirl them together to create your  own unique magic—and then actually make money doing the thing you love most (not what you think you SHOULD be doing).

– Tap into your truths and confidently share your voice and message with the world.

– Trust your inner wisdom so deeply that you no longer have to look outside of yourself for the answers


I know right now you’re wondering if it’s truly possible to have a business AND life you’re freaking obsessed with….


I know your mind may be making up crazy stories about how you need a 10-step proven system to show you the way…

I know you may be feeling like this experience is different and are unsure of whether or not it will be *exactly* what you need right now.

I know you’re probably thinking that you don’t need yet another program…because if you’re honest with yourself, the last ones you enrolled in left you in the same place you started.

Boy oh boy, do I GET IT.


But here’s what else I know…


I know that it IS possible to have a business and life you’re obsessed with. How? Because I’ve created this myself and I’ve helped countless of my clients do the same.

I know that your heart and intuition know that another proven system isn’t the answer and that it’s actually time for you to pave your own path and learn how to tap into your own inner wisdom.


I know that this experience IS different and if you can surrender to the mystery you will discover profound magic.


I know that you DON’T need yet another program. And this isn’t just another program. This is a transformational, deep-dive experience that can’t possibly leave you in the same place you started. In 12 months you will look back and wonder how you ever doubted enrolling and you will be so freaking grateful you took a leap of faith, because your whole world will have changed.

There’s a reason that 80% of the women who have joined the Fully Activated Woman experience are past clients. It’s because they’ve experienced my programs before and they KNOW that they will get everything they came for…and so much more.

Because when you join this experience you’re not just a member or a participant, you are a sister. You are someone I care deeply about and who I make a priority. I am so committed to your success and I am here to guide you each and every step of the way.

We start on Oct. 19th and there are only a limited amount of spaces left inside of this experience. If you know you need to be a part of this fill out the application here: Fully Activated Woman Application

Got q’s? Shoot me an email and I’ll get back to you!





Lexi D'Angelo

Love + Spice,



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