How Camp Activated All Parts of Me

Lexi D'Angelo



I’ve always LOVED camp.

As a camper, as a counselor, it’s always been a really, really important part of my life.

I went to summer camp as a camper for six years, and as a counselor for two, and would even go back and visit in between. It’s always been a love of mine.

And so even when I’m not at camp, I always have this longing to return. Since not being there anymore, all year-round but ESPECIALLY in the summers, I find myself longing for “the camp experience.”

In the past, I would sum it up to the deep connection you build with a community, because camp IS SUCH a tight community, and it’s amazing what relationships are created in just two months.

But I also recently realized that, while the community is a huge aspect of it, there’s something more going on here that makes it so freaking **magical.**Camp lights up all parts of you

The ONE place in the past where I feel like I really and truly got to express the real me, and activate all facets of me, was camp.

There were so many aspects of camp that lit me up…

There was the campfire and its traditions, and songs that have been passed down from generation to generation that really tapped into the Inner Wise Woman or tradition-based storyteller side of me…

There was being in nature, surrounded by the beautiful mountains and lakes, that activated my wild side…

There were all the sports you can imagine, that brought out the competitor and athlete in me…

And of course, there was the sisterhood element, where I met my best friends and formed unforgettable memories with campers and counselors.

Becoming a camp “big sister” as well as later becoming a counselor really cultivated the nurturer in me as well.

Then there was bringing out my creative and expressive side with arts and crafts, pottery, dance, and more.

After becoming a counselor, there were male counselors with whom I could explore the seductress and sensual woman in me.

Color wars, where I was elected “general,” cultivated the leader inside.

There were extreme sports that brought out my courageous, adventure-seeking daredevil.

I’m not even kidding, I could go on for another hour.

There were just sooooo many activities and parts of camp that energized every side of me. Every part of me was fully activated at camp. That was when I felt fully alive and turned on by life.

And so did others around me. It’s just the vibe – it was a camp joke that it was this magical bubble where everything was amazing.

I really believe it’s because we were able to activate so many sides of us.

Bringing this to the “real world”

Over the past couple of years since I’ve left, I’ve spent a lot of time longing for it and reflecting about it, and wondering if anything could ever compare.

And I’ve realized that in the “ordinary world,” (because we were often reminded by others that “camp’s not the real world”) we can’t feel this magic because we’re too turned off in so many areas.

However, we DO have the capacity to be fully activated, we just need to remember how to turn ourselves on in our modern-day society and take the time and energy to go deep in all of the areas that make us feel complete.

That’s what we’re doing inside the Fully Activated Woman experience.

We’re activating ALL of the diverse parts of ourselves that make us whole, and claiming them so we can show up as the *true* us in the world.

In ALL of our potent power and ALL of our magic, and be totally unapologetic about it.

For so many people, myself included, camp was this place where we got to try on all these  different masks and show all these different sides of us. We got to be our true selves and people loved us for it because we were in a safe, welcoming container.

In the Fully Activated Woman experience, we’ll be doing that too. It will be a safe and sacred place to express ALL areas of yourself. If you know there’s a deep yearning and need to bring the camp experience to your life and biz, request an application!



Lexi D'Angelo

Love + Spice,

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