Rewrite the Rules

Lexi D'Angelo



What “rules” have you heard out there in the coaching, marketing, or online spaces? Or even rules that your parents, teachers, or other people in your life have taught you about success?


RULE #1: What you put in is what you get out.

RULE #2: If you work hard, you’ll be rewarded.

RULE #3: Niche down. Get specific.

RULE #4: Follow this x, y, z formula, and you’re golden!

Why you should no longer listen to the gurus. Plus, what I do instead!

While I was told these rules, they just didn’t feel good for me.

They forced me to try to make myself and my biz something I’m not.

So I said fuck those rules. I’m going to rewrite them for ME.

(NOTE: these rewritten rules that I’ve created may NOT feel good for you, and that’s okay. They don’t have to. I want to challenge you to redefine and rewrite any rules you’ve heard and make your own.)


REWRITTEN RULE #1: The energy you invoke at any given time will create your reality.

REWRITTEN RULE #2: Work can feel like a guilty pleasure—minus the guilt 😉 When I follow what fuels my passions and purposes, I reap the rewards.

REWRITTEN RULE #3: Fuck niching. Be special. There’s no need to dull down my many gifts and talents and force myself to only focus on one. It’s taking ALL the elements that I’m passionate about and skilled at and alchemizing them together that makes me special. When I do that, I tap into a unique magic that no one else has and it becomes clear why people need to work with me.

REWRITTEN RULE #4: Follow your desires and you’re golden. There’s no step-by-step solution to getting what you want in life. Ask yourself every day how you desire to feel and take aligned and inspired action from that place.

So what rules have you been told? How have you rewritten them on your own terms? And if you haven’t, what would feel ohhh so fucking good to claim as your new rules? Let’s hear ‘em in the comments!



Lexi D'Angelo

Love + Spice,



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