50 Shades of Truth

Lexi D'Angelo



I used to feel threatened by the women I saw doing business “on their own terms.”

I thought, “What the fuckkkkk? How can they just do what they want and *POOF* success automatically happens for them?”

Okay, what I wasn’t giving them credit for was how long it probably took for them to be okay with doing and owning their own thang…Most likely they struggled with this initially and it was probs an evolution to get where I saw them to be in the present moment.


But from the outside, it all seemed so easy and effortless. And I was jealous.

But I wasn’t just jealous about the fact that it seemed easy and effortless.

I actually felt threatened by the fact that people could just be like, “Hey, Immmma do me!” and be so confident and sure about it.

It didn’t seem fair.


I secretly hoped they would fail because then that would prove that you couldn’t just be yourself and it couldn’t be that easy…and that by staying safe and only showing SOME of my true colors, I was being SMART.


But then I realized, why the hell would I actually WANT that to be true?

Why can’t I hope for the opposite? That if you are yourself and do things on your own terms, you can actually be way more successful.

Wouldn’t that feel lighter? Wouldn’t that be more fun?

Why did I have to want this struggle for myself and others? That seemed silly.


Well, the answer was because I was SCARED AF.

I basically wanted a reason NOT to completely expose myself, because revealing the REAL me? Well, that would be truly terrifying.


I mean, I was YEARNING to just be me. Buuuuut what would people think?

Surely I had created a certain image for myself. Would people be shocked—horrified even—to learn that I’m someone different than they thought I was?


I swear. A FUCK TON.

Oooh there I go.

And I used to censor myself. Because, I figured swearing and just being me would offend people.

And I wanted to be loved by everyone.


I still want to be loved by everyone, but I also know that I can’t pretend to be someone I’m not nor can I only show a few shades and sides of myself and be the authentic leader I desire to be. Because ultimately, I don’t think you can be truly “successful” when you’re hiding.

I know now that, unfortunately, not everyone is going to love me.

But guess what? Not everyone loved me even when I was playing it safe. Even when I was trying to please everyone. Soooo wouldn’t it be a whole lot easier, more fun, more refreshing, more freeing to just be me?

Yup. Definitely.


Buuuut I’m not going to sit here and pretend that this comes easily. And that I hit the “publish” button being all, “THAT WAS EASY! YAY.”

Not at all.

I can’t help but think, “Ohhh shit. Is this going to offend someone? Did I lose the trust/faith/love of someone? Ughhh.”

But with each share, with each peeling away of the layers and layers I’ve piled on to cover up my naked self, it becomes a liiiiittle bit easier. A little less awkward.


So what layers and masks are you hiding behind? What do you fear when you step out of the shadows—or I guess shine the light ON your shadows and share all shades of you—light, dark, all of ’em?

Would you be interested in sharing more of yourself? All of those shades? Do you want to learn about see the shades of other leaders in the industry too?

I don’t know about you, but each time I see someone step out more boldly as themselves it now gives me an electric spark of excitement.



Inside of this series, it’s my desire to lovingly expose 50 incredible leaders who are ready to share more of their truth, wisdom, and unique magic with you. AND who are ready to talk about their definition of success and how they create it on their own terms.


“Success” is suuuuch an interesting term to me, so this is definitely something we’ll be exploring in great depth.

I’ll be talking to women who have a wide range of missions, business models, ideal clients, offerings, strategies, lifestyles, desires, and goals.

I want to show you how many shades of success there are and what each of those look like to these women.


My hope for this series is threefold:

1) To pull back the curtain and get down to the REAL, RAW truth with leaders in the industry. Because really? None of us are perfect. Our imperfections are what make us interesting…and what make us HUMAN. While these leaders are inspirational as fuck, they’re not “above” you and they don’t have it all figured out. So it’s time to take people off pedestals and instead, see them as equals and appreciate them for all the shades (the dark, light, and in-between) they offer. Those are the leaders I’m interested in learning more about.

2) To toss out the cookie-cutters and show you that there is NO one-size-fits-all solution and there’s NO one way to create “success.” And that you actually get to create a life and business on own terms and in the way that feels best for you—while knowing that when you create such complete and total alignment everything you desire will flow so much more easily and effortlessly to you.

3) That you begin to unapologetically share more of YOU with your community and OWN your truth—whatever shade it may be 😉 Like I mentioned, I know how scary it is to expose yourself. It feels so vulnerable and can feel so lonely. But not anymore. With this series it’s my desire that you become part of a community and sisterhood where thousands of other women will be joining forces and sharing their shades of truth along with you.


So are you in?

Thought you would be!


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PS — Who would you LOVE to see on this show? Whose truth are you dying to hear?



Lexi D'Angelo

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