I Refuse to Work With Newbie Coaches Anymore

Lexi D'Angelo



You know when you’ve known something for a looooong ass time, but you just don’t want to admit it to anyone (or even yourself, for that matter)?

Because an admission of the truth would make it REAL. It would mean things have to change…and change can be uncomfortable.

Sooo you keep denying and suppressing the truth, hoping that it will just go away…or lessen at the very least.


But the opposite happens.

It starts to fester, grow, and haunt you.

This knowledge starts to consume you, but you’re stubborn and you’re afraid of what’s on the other side…


Know this feeling?

Yeah, me too.

Here’s the knowledge that I’ve had for a VERY long time, but that I’ve been trying to ignore and deny…




Why? Because the topics I cover when I work with them are NOT in my zone of magic.

Sure, they’re in my zone of excellence, and I’m really freaking good at helping emerging coaches launch their businesses, but that’s not where my true genius lies.

In fact, my power and gifts feel like they get dulled when I do newbie coach work.


Now, this is NOT to say that I don’t sincerely love the newbies I work with or have worked with in the past. Not at all.

It’s just to say that I know (and have known for some time now) that my true power is unleashed when I’m working with MULTI-PASSIONATE VISIONARIES who are ready to activate their leadership.

Ooooh yes, yes, yes. These are my peeps and this is where I SHINE.



Is used to being “successful” by functioning in her masculine (needing systems, feeling like she must have a step-by-step path in order to achieve success, thinking she should consume more information in order to be of value) — BUT, wishes she could invoke more ease, flow, and pleasure inside of her life and biz. While the idea of all this feels freaking ahhhmazing to her, her brain doesn’t believe doing business in a “feminine” state can yield results…but she would LOVE to be proved wrong 😉

Has trained herself to be the “perfect” student and has listened to what all the gurus have to say — BUT, she’s wondering why she hasn’t experienced the CRAZY amazing results she knows she’s capable of. If she’s honest with herself, she’s sick and tired of following someone else’s formula and she WANTS to believe she can create a business on her own terms, however, she doesn’t know HOW or if it’s even possible.

Has taken #ALLTHECOURSES and has learned #ALLTHETHINGS and feels like “now what?” She’s overwhelmed with all the information and feels stuck. She understands implementation is KEY, but she’s been told to focus on so many different things that she isn’t quite sure what next steps to actually take.

Has so many passions and gifts and feels frustrated that she keeps being told to niche down. While she understands she could be more clear with her messaging, something about dulling down her inherent gifts just doesn’t sit right with her. She desires to take ALL of her passions, quirks, and talents and create a soul-aligned business by weaving them together — BUT she wonders what that would look like and how she would even do that.

Has a detailed and delicious vision of the way she desires her life and business to look and feel—and while she experiences glimpses and tastes here and there, they are fleeting. She wonders if it’s possible to actually live out her ideal day on the reg—while making the impact and income she desires.

Loves dipping her toes into the spiritual realm—mmm yes, there’s something super magical that happens when she plays in this space — BUT she can’t help but think it’s “silly” and not “real.” I mean, she would love to align her life with the moon cycles or connect deeper with people by studying their natal charts…but she wonders if it would just be a waste of time…

Knows she needs support, but knows she needs a DIFFERENT type of support than she’s received up until this point—you know, the type of support where the cookie cutters are tossed out for GOOD. (Ohhhh, but those perfectly shaped cookies from that fail-proof recipe taste so damn good…could a batch made without those stencils and must-follow steps be even better? Hmm…) She’s scared shitless that breaking away from the step-by-step path will leave her feeling lost and confused — BUT, deep down, she desires more of an evolving and customized space to frolic around in.

Questions herself and her calling—“Who am I to be doing this work? Why would people want to learn from and follow ME?” — BUT, at the end of the day, she knows she has a higher calling in the world and is committed to taking the steps to realize it.

Knows she has EVERYTHING inside of her to be successful but is still trying to figure out how to tap into her power and CLAIM it once and for all.

I love working with this type of woman because she is on the brink of a HUGE breakthrough. She is ready to take the next steps that will change EVERYTHING —But, naturally, she’s scared.

However, the difference between her and the others out there?


Even though she’s scared, she is READY.

She is ready to feel the fear, but go after her dreams anyway.

She is ready to not have all the answers, but uncover HER truth.


Do you resonate? Am I speaking to you?

If so, hi! YOU are the woman I love working with.

And maybe you’re wondering, “Well, okay, that’s cool. Buuuut why should I want to work with you, Lexi?”


I’ll tell you why.


Because I’m part visionary, part head sorceress, part coach, part teacher, part creative, part strategist, part collaborator. I alchemize all of these elements together to activate my power and the power of those I work with.

This means that when my clients enter my world, they don’t just get coached, guided, or consulted—they get ACTIVATED.


I empower them to claim their inherent magic and weave together all the elements that make them completely and totally unique. I show them how to uncover their distinct and potent message that effortlessly magnetizes their DREAM clients. I guide them to own and share their truth to initiate a soul-shaking movement that creates profound transformation.


Now here’s the thing—I don’t give my clients a step-by-step formula. I don’t tell them how to market themselves. I don’t tell them what packages and programs to create. I don’t tell them they have to do any ONE thing in order to be successful.

No. That would be silly and pointless.


The point of working with me is to better understand YOURSELF and to learn to trust yourself because you have the answers, not me.

I help you create your own methods and soul-aligned systems. I help you uncover what the most pleasurable way to market yourself is. I help you channel your packages and programs. And I help you decide what things you desire to focus on to create YOUR version of success.

You have everything inside of you right now that you need to be successful. I’m not here to give you anything that you don’t already have. It’s all inside of you, right here, right now.


But I know how confusing it can be to be multi-passionate and have all these dreams and visions—it can be difficult to know how to swirl them all together and how to lead from a space of clarity rather than confusion and overwhelm.

Here’s the truth though—it’s really actually very simple, but we just complicate it. You don’t have to narrow your niche. That’s not what this is about. This is about you owning your power; claiming every element that makes you, YOU; and not throwing any of them to the side. These are your gifts. You have them for a reason. Tap into them. Embrace them. Don’t try to dull down your magic or your expertise.


My calling is to help women like you alchemize all these gifts and activate your leadership NOW — not after you’ve gotten that certification, or after you’ve had your first few speaking gigs, or after you’ve been publicly recognized by your industry.

Not everyone wants to be a leader and that’s okay too. But I work with women who truly desire to be leaders and who are ready to lead NOW.

That’s who I work with.

That’s who I activate.



Lexi D'Angelo

Love + Spice,



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