What To Do When You’re Struggling in Your Area of “Expertise”

Lexi D'Angelo



I’ve got a q for you—are you a business/health/relationship/spiritual coach who has struggled within your area of “expertise?”


C’mon…be honest. It’s just you and me here 😉


More likely than not, you have. Andddd you’ve probably felt pretty shitty about it or have asked yourself, “If I can’t figure this shiz out, how am I supposed to coach people on this?! I feel like a total fraud…”


If you’re dealing with this right now or if it’s something you’ve experienced in the past, I’ve got some advice to share with you. Check out the goods in the video below.



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I’m going to lovingly expose the leaders inside of the coaching industry, so if there’s anyone you would LOVE to see featured, let me know 😉



Lexi D'Angelo

Love + Spice,

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