I’m Consistently Inconsistent

Lexi D'Angelo



I always tell my clients, “Consistency is KEY if you want to build the know, like, trust factor!”


I guess I think I’m immune to my own advice because consistency and I aren’t the best of friends.


I kinda sorta suck at being consistent.


I get super excited about an idea and go BALLS TO THE WALLS with it. Like we’re talking #obsessionmode. And then days (or weeks if I’m lucky) later, I’m all, “MEH,” about this thing that LIT ME UP LIKE WHOA just .2 seconds ago.


I get bored so so so easily. And doing something that isn’t exciting or a full body “HELL YES” just doesn’t work for me.


Soooo I tend to start and stop things all the freaking time.


And the results? Well, they’re not as great as I think they could be.


I guess you could say the one thing I’m consistent at is being inconsistent—haaa!


Buuuut I want that to change. I don’t want to be in and out. I want to be here, present, visible, and doing my thang on the reg.


So at the end of April I committed to putting a lil’ system in place to help me do so. It’s kinda complicated, so I’ll save the deets and strategy for another time, but essentially, I decided I would have a theme for each month and build alllll my content around that.


That felt really freaking good. And I got super duper excited.


And so I dubbed the month of May to be all about “Client Attraction.”


And then guess what? I’m so predictable…


After I did nearly ALL the upfront work (like weeks of work), last week I had this huge realization that…



Ha ha ha ha ha. That’s hilarious because sooo much of the content I created was geared towards helping newbs take the necessary steps to get their first paying clients.


You know, it would’ve been nice to have had that realization BEFORE everything got put into motion, but oh well.


Now, normally, I’d tell my team, “WE’RE SCRAPPING IT. NOPE I CAN’T DO IT. NOT ALIGNED.”


And while there’s nothing wrong with this and I do think you should be so freaking lit up about what you’re creating in the world…this is an approach I’ve taken over and over and over again, and I’m kinda bored by that storyline too.


So I’ve decided I’m just going to go along with my plan…but not because I’m forcing something that’s out of alignment…because I’m actually stepping into even greater alignment.


And I’ve felt into it and agreed that I actually will experience greater joy and “success” by doing so.




1) The content I create this month is going to AUTOMATE the process of working with the newbies.


Because while I love the newbs, I just don’t love talking about that type of content on repeat anymore. But I won’t have to! Because my videos and automated emails will do the talking for me. AND I’ll still be serving them and helping alleviate their biggest pain points—Yiiippppeee!


Plus, it will help prepare them to skyrocket to the next level, so IF they do decide they’re ready to activate their leadership and create a soul-aligned business on their terms, they will be ready to work with me and will actually be my ideal client. HOLLLA!


(NOTE: This is not to say I’ll never work with a “newbie” again—not at all. It’s just to say that I’d like for a majority of the INTIMATE work that I do with clients to be with visionary leaders).


2) I went back through the free Masterclass I prepared this month and added some tips + tricks in there for more intermediate coaches + entrepreneurs.


This made it more fun for me to talk about, it gave the newbies the step-by-step support they needed (plus, helped get them excited about what’s to come), and it served the people I looove working with.


Today I’ll be kicking off the paid Client Attraction Magicshop and I’m actually super excited to teach it because I know it will be providing value to both my newbies + intermediate people, plus, it will become part of my funnel!


So, I’ll keep you posted on how this consistency thing goes, and if you see me NOT showing up and being visible. HOLLER AT ME. Seriously.


Now, I would love to know…


What is it that you desire to be more consistent about? And what kind of accountability would you love to have around that goal?


Remember, we’re not meant to be going at this journey alone. There are sooo many people who are cheering you on and who want to see you succeed.


And if you don’t have those peeps in your life, come join us inside of the Success Alchemists Society! It’s totally free and there are totally badass and magical women in there who are so loving and supportive.


Can’t wait to see you in there!! xoxo



Lexi D'Angelo

Love + Spice,

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