One Year of Aisy!

Lexi D'Angelo



Aisy! You are ONE WHOLE YEAR (+ 2 days)! Wowow.

I truly cannot believe how fast time has flown. While this past year was a whirlwind of wild proportions, it was the year that you entered our world—and our lives have forever changed for the better! Being your mom is truly the greatest blessing.

You fill our lives with SO much love, joy, wonder, and magic and it has been so freaking fun to watch you grow into the most perfect, scrumptious, silly, spicy, and giggly girl! I’m truly in awe of you and every little thing you do!

Here are a few things you’ve been loving and up to lately… Your favorite foods are pasta, broccoli, bread, delicata squash, sweet potato mash, cauliflower pizza bites, halibut, dumplings, and donuts.

You are obsessed with taking sips of my sparkling water and you love drinking water out of a regular cup just like an adult!

You’re walking now and while you can do it on your own, I love how you reach out for my hand when you wanna walk somewhere quickly or in an area that’s a bit more precarious and you need that extra bit of support. It’s so fun to see you delight in more exploration and shenanigans!

Your favorite stuffed animal is Fred the sloth. You love giving him hugs and he always puts a smile on your face.

You’re obsessed with babies and dogs and always say “oof oof” whenever you see a doggy.

Your favorite toys are your kitchen, your cash register, your purse, your baby doll, and your lacrosse and hockey sticks. You also love the gold measuring cup, the measuring spoons, and pretty much any household object you can get your hands on!

You are a night owl through and through and you stay up until about 10-11 pm most nights. You definitely either think you’re nocturnal or an adult!

You love playing hide and go seek behind the couch or around the kitchen island and I loooove seeing your huge grin and hearing your squeals of delight when you find me or I surprise you!

You love putting your shoes on.

You’re learning to shake your head no and it’s so cute to see you do something and then shake your head because you know you’re not supposed to do it.

You love pushing the buttons on the dishwasher.

You say “dat” and point to all the things you want.

You like to help me make my matchas each morning and help me mix it, pick out the straw, and infuse it with all sorts of magic!

You don’t like going to bed but when we do put you in your crib you like to play the foot game and tickle my feet or have me tickle yours—you also reach out your arm through the slats to hold my hand it’s absolutely adorable.

There are so many other things you do that melt my heart and make me smile. And most importantly, it’s who you are that matters most. I hope you know that simply being you is more than enough and you are absolutely perfect just the way you are. And if and when you ever wonder if you are enough, I will remind you that you always have been and always will be more than enough.

I will always be here to play with you, support you, hold you, and remind you of how loved you are. Even when my time in this life is complete, I will be with you and watch over you, always. And I will do the same in the next lifetime and beyond, into infinity.

I love you so incredibly much, my Aisy baby. Happy 1st year and here’s to many many many more years filled with health, happiness, magic, and love!



Lexi D'Angelo

Love + Spice,

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