New Moon Magic in Capricorn

Lexi D'Angelo



Happy Capricorn New Moon, peeps!

The New Moon is all about setting intentions for the month ahead and initiating aligned actions, so this is the perfect time to feel into what you desire and plant seeds to make ‘em grow into something you can harvest later in the month.

Sprinkle in the flavor of Capricorn, and you’ll find that this is the perfect time to face your truth, get disciplined, and create powerful boundaries. You can work with this new moon’s magic this month by setting up powerful containers and structures to support your desires and bring them into reality.

Now for those of you who are like, “UGH. STRUCTURE. NO. BYE.”

I feel ya.

If you’ve been hanging around this space, you know that I’m not into routine and consistency. That can feel constraining and stifling and plain shitty. However, in light of the Capricorn moon, I’ve shockingly been feeling this pull to get more organized and be more intentional.

No, this does not mean that I’m planning out every hour of my day in my calendar (although, if that works for you, do it!), but it does mean that I’m actually carving out time to be intentional about how I will spend my time that month, that week, and that day. I find that I am able to be my most magical, productive and creative self when I actually do have some type of container and organization going on.

So while my container doesn’t look typical, it’s absolutely perfect for ME and my style of working. I actually had this insane urge yesterday to create #ALLTHETEMPLATES to help me stay intentional and on-track. My inspiration came from bullet journaling—something I tried for a hot sec, but it was too tedious for me to keep up with.

I decided I would create templates that I could print out to help me stay intentional about my desires and goals. These templates meet at the crossroads between strategy and spirituality, which feels oh so perfect for my way of doing things.

Of course, I created a template for me to use each new moon in a way that’s easy, pleasurable, and will help me manifest my desires. As my treat, I’d love to share the new moon magic template with you today!

To snag yours, all you gotta do is head here.

I would LOVE to hear what your intentions are and take a peek at your new moon tarot spreads! Be sure to tag me on Facebook or Instagram (@lexidangelo) with a picture of your worksheets and rituals!



Lexi D'Angelo

Love + Spice,

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