50 Shades of Truth Live Series: Episode 3 with Lacy Craig

Lexi D'Angelo



Here are some of the questions we covered in today’s episode:

0:24 Briefly explain what it is you do and who you help.

1:44 What does success look and feel like to you?

8:28 What were some “rules” people told you you HAD to follow in order to be successful? Did you follow them? How did that go? Did you defy them and make your own rules? How have you redefined those for yourself so they’re now in alignment? What are those rules you have chosen to live by instead?

10:13 What does your business model look like?

16:03 What does your marketing process look like right now?

24:27 Have you experienced any dark moments in your business?

30:39 What are your NON-NEGOTIABLES when it comes to creating a life and business you love?

33:07 What are your top 3 success secrets?

37:21 What’s a truth of yours that you’ve been afraid/nervous/unsure about sharing? Why are you ready to share now?


Let’s take the juicy factor up a notch!


Has anyone ever told you to put coaching on a credit card? Orrr have you ever told someone to do this during the sales process?

Lacey shared how she is totally NOT okay with doing that…but I have a different philosophy 😉 Inside of the exclusive After Party live stream, I take a controversial or hot topic discussed inside of the episode and share my take on it and invite you to join the convo as well. During this live stream, I’m giving you a sneak peek inside of my sales process, so don’t miss out on the goods!

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Lexi D'Angelo

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