5 Steps to Uncover Your Distinct Brand Messaging

Lexi D'Angelo



I’m gonna take a wild guess and say that right now you’re not making as big of an impact and income as you know you’re capable of. In fact, I have a feeling you’re pretty damn frustrated that things aren’t happening as fast as you’d like them to be. And if I was a betting woman, I would say a HUGE part of this has to do with your messaging.

So while you might be freaking brilliant at whatever it is you do, your people aren’t quite picking up what you’re putting down…and so they’re walking away and they’re going to hang out with someone else who is speaking their language and clearly articulating why the heck they should be spending their time with them.

We’re gonna change this though. Right here, right now. You in?

Let’s play a little game…

I don’t know about you, but I get bored pretty easily, so I like to spice things up and make them fun. So instead of looking at this workbook as just another to-do, let’s look at it as a game or a challenge!


Here’s how to play:

I’m going to ask you a few questions and you’re going to give the most truthful answer you possibly can. I mean, you can lie, if you want, but it’s only going to hurt you. So I suggest you tell the truth and nothing but the truth, so help you goddess.

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Question 1 :: Do you know what your high level message is?

Your high level message is usually just a phrase that consists of 3-6 words that vaguely summarize your vision and mission. This doesn’t have to be super specific or unique to you (don’t worry, we’ll get more detailed soon!), but it should encompass the overall reason you do what you do and what you’re passionate about supporting people with or taking a stand for.


Black Lives Matter

Live More, Weigh Less

Live Vibrantly

Be Unapologetically You

Unlock Your Unique Magic

ACTION STEP: Go ahead and write down what you think your high level message is. If you want to brainstorm a few options, feel free! Once done brainstorming, circle your top choice.

Question 2 :: Can you identify your core brand values?

Your brand values are 5-7 individual words that describe what your brand stands for and believes in. Your brand values are the pillars that your company is founded upon and everything you do and create should tie back to these. Why? Because it creates consistency and consistency creates trust!


Fierce. Bold. Authentic. Conscious. Impactful.

Playful. Magical. Fun. Unique. Personal.

Vibrant. Lifestyle. Adventurous. Connection. Depth.

If you need some help in identifying your brand values, try these prompts on for size:

– What do you believe in?

– What are your personal values that you live your life by?

– What makes you want to take a stand?

– Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?

– What are your top priorities in life?

– What are you/your company the best at?

– How do you want your people to feel when they interact with your brand and consume your content? What do you want their overall experience to be like?

– If your brand was a mix of music artists, who would they be? What about these artists do you love?

-What are 3-5 companies/brands that you adore and identify with? What about these companies/brands do you appreciate and/or relate to?

ACTION STEP: Once you’ve gone through all of the prompts, notice what words and themes come up. Summarize them into 5-7 final words that will represent your core brand values.

Question 3 :: Do you know what your Zone of Genius is?

This is what you are so freaking good at AND lit up about doing. Plus, no one does this thing quiiiite like you do! Gay Hendricks dives deep into the concept of your Zone of Genius inside of his book “The Big Leap,” but I’ve summarized it in the graphic below to help you uncover what yours may be.

ACTION STEP: Write down every single thing you do in your business and categorize them by the zones above. Circle the thing(s) that is/are only in your Zone of Genius.

Question 4 :: Are you currently attracting your dream clients?

If you’re attracting clients, that’s great. Buuuut if you’re being really honest, are these peeps total dream clients? You know, swoon-worthy ones that you get so excited to work with and are FUELED by, not depleted by?

If the answer is no, then what about them isn’t ideal? And on the flip side, who IS your dream client?

Another thing to think about is if you need to get more specific with who you’re speaking to.


Instead of speaking to all women who want to lose weight, maybe your ideal peeps are new moms who want to lose their post-baby weight.

Instead of speaking to female entrepreneurs who want to infuse more spirituality into their businesses, maybe your ideal peeps are female coaches who want to infuse astrology and tarot into their businesses.

ACTION STEP: Get crystal clear on who your ideal clients are and what needs to change in your messaging in order to attract them.

Question 5 :: Can you clearly, concisely, and confidently explain what you do and who you help in an “elevator pitch” that’s a sentence or two?

If not, what’s confusing or unclear about your pitch?

Try out one of the formulas below to help you gain more clarity:

I’m a _______ (title) for ________ (target market) who_______ (pain point/struggle). I help them ______ (how you serve/your solution) by _________ (exact methods you use) so that they can ________ (their desires/wants/goals) in __________ (time frame).

I help _______ (target market) go from _______ (where they are now) to _______ (where they desire to be) by _______ (exact methods you use).

My company does _______ (what type of tasks you do/support you provide) for _______ (target market), so they can finally _______ (result they desire to experience).

Have you ever _______ (something frustrating your target market experiences)? Unlike _______ (competitor’s brand/product), _______ (your company name/product/service) helps you _______ (differentiator and problem you solve).

ACTION STEP: Write out your elevator pitch.

Grade yourself!

All in all, how well did you do with this little game? Go ahead and give yourself a letter grade according to your performance.

– If you totally NAILED it, give yourself an A.

– If you did well, but there’s room for some improvement, give yourself a B.

– If you answered the questions so-so, but didn’t do super hot, give yourself a C.

– If most of those questions baffled you or your answers came out confusing and scattered, give yourself a D.

– And, if you totally came up blank for all of them, give yourself an F.

If you got an A, yiiipppeee! Nice work 🙂 Your messaging is clearly in tip-top shape. Messaging is an essential part of your brand and everything you do stems from it, so you’re good to go ahead and create things like your logo, visual elements, programs, courses, content, etc.

Most people who I work with, while absolutely brilliant and incredible at what they do, reallllly struggle in the branding department, specifically, with their messaging. So if you got a B, C, D or F, you’re definitely not alone in that.

What’s exciting about getting into reality around your messaging grade is that now you can seek answers. So, if you’ve been confused and frustrated by why your content is hearing crickets or your launches are flopping, it’s most likely a branding thing—specifically, around your brand’s messaging.

As a Brand Strategist + Designer, the VERY first thing I dive into with my clients is their messaging. Whether it’s someone who is trying to hit their first 6-figures or someone who is at the multi 7-figure level, we always look at messaging first. Because your messaging is the heart and soul of your brand and without it, your company cannot function and will die. Extreme, but true.

So, if you want to stand out, attract dream clients, and launch a movement that creates a massive impact and income, you need to know how to create brand messaging that connects deeply with your ideal clients and leaves them spellstruck and wanting more.

Speaking of wanting more…Want to co-create magic?!

Hopefully this workbook has helped you gain a TON more clarity around your messaging. However, if you’re still feeling stuck, it’s okay! Sometimes it’s realllllly freaking hard to pluck the golden nuggets out of the chaos in your head because you’re too close to the work you do.

If you desire support in getting crystal clarity once and for all, I’ve got you! Come explore how we can continue the fun together in a much more immersive and customized container.

uncover your distinct brand messaging



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