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Are you frustrated AF because you can't seem to pinpoint *exactly* what it is that makes you so damn good at what you do? You've probably had people say, "OMG, I love what you're all about and I feel so inspired by your content, but what exactly do you do???" And you find yourself saying, "I'm multi-passionate! I'm a jack-of-all-trades. I can do it all."

While there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with being multi-passionate (hiii, that's me!), saying you can do it all is not going to help you in the marketing and sales departments. It's amazing that you have so many tools in your toolbox, but ain't nobody got time to sit around and listen to everything you do.

Your prospects want to immediately know how you can help them and what makes you better than all the other coaches, creatives, and consultants out there. This means, that within just a few seconds, they should fully understand why they need you in their life. So if they're stalking your insta feed, checking out your website, or tuning into a Facebook live, your unique value prop should be crystal clear.

If you're getting all sweaty because you're thinking, "Oh shit, no one knows what the heck I do and I sure as hell don't know how to clearly or confidently articulate it..." Take a deep breath, I've got you!

I'm here to help you sift through the beautiful mess in your head and find the treasure that will bring all your unicorn clients to the yard. And they'll be like, "Damn right, her shit is better than all theirs!" I can teach you how to do this, but I'm gonna have to charge 😉

Enter, Unlock—a 4-week experience to help you uncover your unique magic, nail your iconic positioning, and master your persuasive messaging.

Let's dive into the nitty gritties

What you'll walk away with

  • In-depth Brand Identity Questionnaire to uncover your goals for our time together and begin to dive into the heart and soul of your brand
  • (4) 45-minute Calls to walk you through my step-by-step "Unlock" process (see below for deets)
  • Voxer Support for the time in-between where you've got a nagging q but don't want to wait a whole week for an answer (or just because you've missed me and want to hear my voice...either way!)
  • Title + Tagline to immediately articulate who you are, who you help and what you do
  • Messaging + Unicorn Positioning — this is like a UVP or USP, but with even more magic sprinkled in! Your prospects will be crystal clear on why you are THE solution to their problems and ready to invest ASAP
  • 150 word bio (perfect to use for social media to quickly get your Unicorn Positioning and messaging across)
  • Brand Words + Phrases — you'll get a list of brand words and phrases to use in your copy. Remember, when you're consistent with your messaging, that's when you build the know, like, trust factor, and that's when peeps buy!
  • Brand Strategy — While it's great to have all these elements in place, if you don't know how to use 'em, what good are they? We'll dive into your business goals and create a strategy to get your brand and message seen, heard, and ENGAGED with.

The Process

Who this is for

I'll give it to you straight—there's a very particular type of person I'm interested in working with because a) it's the most fun for the two of us, and b) it gets the best results.

  • You've been in business for 2+ years and while you've gotten clients and have made a consistent income, you know things could be a LOT better. You know you're ready to skyrocket your visibility, impact, and income, and you feel like the missing piece lies in your inner brand identity (unique magic, story, positioning, messaging, methodology, voice, zone of genius, etc.).
  • You know you're brilliant at what you do, but your vision is also blurred because you're too close to the work you're doing. You know it will be a gamechanger to have my eyes on your biz + brand so I can take a bird's eye view and swoop in on the nuggets of gold.
  • You're not just looking for another shiny object or quick-fix solution. You know like you know like you know, this is what you need support with and that I'm the one to help you with it—plus, you're looking for a lasting solution.
  • You're comfortable with investing in yourself and you truly believe that when you work with me, you will walk away with everything you came for and oh so much more.

The Investment

1 Payment of $3,500 or 2 Payments of $1,900

(Price increases to $4,500 or 2 Payments of $2,400 in June 2018)

Package Combos + Add-Ons

Package Combos

Want standout brand visuals to match your one-of-a-kind expertise? Add Craft to this package and get $1,000 off the total price.


Want to bring your wildest website fantasies to life so you finally have a home on the internet that matches the elite caliber of transformation you provide your clients? Add Enchant to this package and get $1,000 off the total price.


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Next Steps

Ready to finally unlock your magic, positioning, messaging, and brand strategy? Let's do the damn thing!

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