Unlock Your Methodology

A 5-Part Workshop to Create a transformational curriculum that gets your clients results and keeps them coming back for more!

ready to scale your business by creating group programs and courses? 

I'll take you on an in-depth journey where we'll cover... 

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Part 1 ::
Know Your Unicorn Client

This is SO MUCH more than the usual mystery person you usually sketch on a piece of paper. If fact, we’re ditching her on the curb #byefelicia. Knowing your unicorn client is a CRITICAL piece of the puzzle which is why we’ll be using REAL clients to piece together a complete picture of exactly who you’re going after moving forward.

Magic moments you’ll be enchanted by:

  • Going beyond the boring and honestly, unhelpful “client avatar” and getting to the heart + soul of your Unicorn Clients
  • Uncovering who your past Unicorn Clients have been (and if you haven’t had any, why that may be and how to change it—stat!)
  • Case studying them with guided questions
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Part 2 ::
The Unicorn Client's Journey

One of the biggest problems with the standard cookie cutter blueprints? They assume every customer is on the same journey. Newsflash: they’re not! We’ll get clear on where these unicorn clients are coming in at, map their journey, and find the crucial mile markers so you can speak directly to them and help make the biggest impact possible.

Magic moments you’ll be enchanted by:

  • Discovering where your clients are when they discover their need for you + your services
  • Mapping your Unicorn Client’s journey
  • Crafting a standout curriculum that will get your Unicorn Clients LASTING results
  • Uncovering “mission-critical” markers on their journey (HINT: These are the most potent places where your help is urgent!)
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Part 3 :: Uncovering
(+ Harnessing) Your Unique Magic

What’s your unique magic for getting your clients results? Are you crystal clear on this? You may not be and that’s a-ok sister! Part three is dedicated to uncovering exactly how your way of helping your clients may be different from another’s and how to harness that magic to stand out.

Magic moments you’ll be enchanted by:

  • Uncovering the crucial tools + tricks you will “gift” your Unicorn Clients to help them navigate their journey
  • Digging into your process to unlock your unique magic you didn’t know you had
  • Figuring out how to use your “multi-passionate” personality to your advantage (I absolutely won’t be telling you to “niche down!” but I will be showing you how to alchemize your gifts together in a clear and enchanting way)
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Part 4 :: Invoking The Elements to Amplify Massive Shifts

There’s a reason sacred rituals invoke the elements to enhance their potency. I’ll be teaching you how to combine the elements of earth, air, fire, and water to get your clients results beyond their wildest dreams. This is where the big shifts are made like WHOA and where most cookie cutter systems leave ya hangin. #nobueno We’ll be unlocking a multi-dimensional way to work with clients that completely transforms their results in a way no one else can.

Magic moments you’ll be enchanted by:

  • Uncovering the magic of each of the elements and how they enhance your methodology
  • Discovering how you can masterfully combine the elements in juuuuust the right way to create a spellbinding methodology that excites and wows
  • Understanding how the elements correspond to certain cycles, seasons, and archetypes to deepen the transformation your clients experience—we’re talking layers upon layers of magic to witness!
  • Mastering how to guide clients through "seasons" where they get stuck and how to overcome certain obstacles along the way so they can experience true transformation
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Part 5 :: Swirling Your Methodology and Magic Together

Parts 1-4 are pretty in-depth and there’s a lot of magic to be experienced. Part 5 is going to focus on swirling all of the collective knowledge together so you can complete your masterpiece and tie a shiny bow on top. I’ll also be giving in-depth feedback on the work you’ve completed on your methodology, as well as answering burning q’s.

Magic moments you’ll be enchanted by:

  • Uncovering next steps for powerfully moving forward and sharing your methodology with the world
  • Accessing any bonus info and trainings to complete the experience with a BANG!

It’s time to create a magical experience for your clients that goes deeper and focuses on making a bigger impact.

It’s time to create a client experience that doesn’t just skim the surface and leaves you feeling like you didn’t light a fire in their soul.

And we’re going to do it LIVE and TOGETHER.

Are you ready for this massive methodology shift?

To finally do JUST what feels amazing, fun, and on purpose for you? Where you teach 100% from your truth, magic, and passions? Where you are finally so aligned in your message that you're shouting it from the rooftops and visibility is second nature to you?

Your clients are ready for you to make the shift.

This one-time only unicorn offering is ready and waitin’ for ya with two options:

Enroll now with a one time payment of $197

Enroll now with 2 payments of $111

It's time to stop playing small, boldly go in a direction that feels amazeballs to YOU, and fully OWN your potent power that unlocks massive results with your clients and reignites that fire in your biz.

See you at the training 😉


Wanna take a peek at some of the methodologies past students have uncovered and created?!

Check 'em out below!

Wealthy and Wild by Kornelija Vorobjova

Embracing four animal energies and UNtaming in order to be fully booked while being totally themselves.

1. Identifying your Spirit Animal
The inner stance (position) you operate from - your life story
Circular, zig-zag, or straight pattern
Distinctions exercise [tool]
The question to ask ourselves every day [tool]

2. Channeling the Inner Marketing Raven [AIR]
Current marketing
How to effectively market your services
Energy behind current and future marketing
Tangible outcomes exercise [tool]

3. Confidence of a Lioness [FIRE]
Rebellion challenge [tool]
Comfort zone challenge [tool]
Sharing uncomfortable truth [tool]
Owning your coaching methods

4. Embodying the Versatile Salamander [WATER]
Setting boundaries [M]
Creating a high-vibe daily ritual [F]
Tapping into intuition [F]
Creating desires, setting goals [F]
Dating yourself [F]

5. Authentic as a Cat [EARTH]
Your why
Your gifts
Embracing the strengths and weaknesses

6. Symbiotic Sales Conversations
Your potential client’s journey through a call
Objections are not real

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 8.56.59 PM
Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 10.33.18 PM

Read Tarot Like a Unicorn by Pamela Chen

Tap into the magic of your intuition to become confident in your readings

My magical program is all about getting you started on your Tarot journey! I wish I had something like this when I was starting out. I was so confused with all the meanings of the cards and couldn’t even finish a reading because I was too busy trying to interpret each card with the super complicated guidebooks!

In this program, you will learn how to become aconfident Tarot reader through connecting with your intuition (instead of having to research the meanings all the time). You will discover your magical intuitive powers and even meet your Tarot Guide.

When you emerge from this program, you will read Tarot like a magical Unicorn - feeling super connected to your cards and know how to ask awesome questions that gets answers. You will know all the secrets about what to do before, during, and after a Tarot reading.

BONUS: I will also be giving you lots of cheat sheets for the meanings that you can easily refer to in a reading and done for you Tarot spreads!

So, stop wasting time looking at that little white guidebook! Come play with me and find guidance and wisdom with Tarot readings.

Module 1
WTF is Tarot - all about the Tarot + debunking Tarot myths.

Module 2
Magical ways to connect to your Tarot deck.

Module 3
Breaking Tarot fears/blocks and downloading positive good Tarot beliefs.

Module 4
Tapping into your intuition and meeting your Tarot guides. Discovering your magical intuitive powers.

Module 5
Meet the cards, full on deep dive into every card, Major Arcana, Minor Arcana, and Court cards.

Module 6
What to do before, during, and after a reading. Learn to formulate a clear question.

Module 7
Tarot spreads - sharing my most powerful spreads and how to use them in a reading.

Module 8
Magical tools you can use with Tarot!

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 8.58.11 PM
Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 10.36.32 PM

This one-time only unicorn offering is ready and waitin’ for ya with two options:

Enroll now with a one time payment of $197

Enroll now with 2 payments of $111