Truth Leadership Mastermind Application




You aren’t as passionate, on fire, successful, or aligned in your business as you’d like to be. Instead you’re battling against the marketing tactics the “gurus” tell you to do and the fear of what people will think if you said what you REALLY wanted to say.  

It’s time to screw the rules, toss out the cookie cutters, and create success on YOUR terms!



A 6-month experience to revolutionize your business, life, and impact

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It’s time to stop playing small, boldly share your voice, and fully OWN your potent power to create a fully aligned business you are obsessed with.


The Truth Leader Mastermind is for visionaries, leaders, truth seekers, action-takers, and magic makers who are ready to:

  • Toss out the cookie-cutter marketing tactics you hear you “should” do and finally create a business + life on your OWN terms
  • Restructure your business model so it not only feels in alignment but fully supports your big vision, dream life + biz (we're talking big impact and income!)
  • Pinpoint your unique magic, embody your message, and launch a soul-shaking movement
  • Sustainably scale your business for long-term success with ease, fun, and flow
  • Uncover your truth, own the spotlight and explode your visibility to be seen as an authority in your industry
  • Link arms in collaboration over competition with other powerhouse female leaders
  • Step into the role of CEO and focus ONLY on the activities that you love and are inside of your zone of magic

We’re going waaaay beyond the “shiny objects” thrown around in our industry, like the masculine-driven revenue goals or fear-based success tactics.

This is about paving your OWN path to success -- where you can leave behind a TRUE legacy, making the impact you TRULY want to make… and build up your bank account in the process.

And while this experience is going to stretch and evolve your business like crazy, it’s going to do the same for your entire life. Why?


Because this is about you being fully in alignment -- with your offerings, business model, message, lifestyle, spirituality, self-care, relationships and more.

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This isn’t your typical mastermind, because you’re not the typical woman.

Am I right? 😉



An intimate, intentional group of women gathered together for 6 months.

A group of powerhouse women who share their ups, their downs, their fears, their dreams—all of it.

A group of women who are committed to supporting each other through this mastermind journey… and beyond.


Let me give you even more of a peek into what this experience is going to look like...


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The Truth Leader Mastermind includes:

>> (1) 2-day In-person Retreat (Dates and location TBD) :: The online scene is amazing, but there’s something completely undeniable about the connections made when women come together in person.

Inside of our two days together we’ll dive deep into areas of your life + business. You will leave with a 90-day action plan to help you hit your BIG goals, soul-aligned strategies, inspiration and motivation like WHOA, the confidence to truly be you and SHINE in the world, and lifelong friendships.


>> (2) Half-Day Virtual Retreats (October + February) :: Each of our virtual retreats will have a specific theme based on the group of women who gather together inside of this mastermind. You’ll come to find that this whole experience is truly customized for YOU, and not just formulaically put together.


>> (12) Mastermind + Hotseat Calls :: Twice a month, we’ll come together for mastermind calls where you get to ask me anything and receive the support you desire.

This is your time to get my 1:1 support, as well as listen in on the questions your mastermind sisters ask. (I’ve learned soooo much from the questions other women have asked inside of masterminds I’ve been a part of!) Nothing is off limits here! We can dive into strategy, tech, mindset work, spirituality, lifestyle.


>> 6 Program Pillars :: While the Mastermind will be co-created based on the needs and desires of all of the members, there are 6 Pillars that the program is founded on. Each month, we will be diving into a pillar and exploring it in great depth (trainings + exercises included!). Here’s a preview of the pillars and what you can expect to learn about inside of each one:

1) Calibrate Your Compass (True North, Definition of Success, Core Pillars, Life + Biz Goals)

2) Tap into Your Unique Magic (Story, Unique Selling Proposition, Positioning, Brand Identity, Unicorn Clients, Your High Impact + High Income Biz Model)

3) Craft Your Transformational Curriculum (Spells + Services, Creating a Sacred Container, Facilitate Masterful Transformation)

4) Share + Embody Your Message (Content Creation, Marketing, Social Media, Lifestyle)

5) Launch Your Soul Shakin’ Movement (Visibility, PR, Launching, Impact, Income)

6) Rule Your Empire (Leadership, Team, Scaling, Systems, Stepping into CEO)


>> (6) Industry Leader Calls :: Each month, I’ll be inviting a leader in the industry to join us inside of the mastermind to expand upon one of the 6 Program Pillars. Not only will you be tapping into their incredible knowledge, but you will make connections with some of the top influencers in the industry!


>> Sacred + Secret Facebook Group :: Ohhh I LOVE the Facebook groups that are inside of my programs! The connections the women make are unlike any other and everyone is always so excited to share their aha’s and ask for support. This is your sacred space to get daily accountability, ask q’s, connect, collaborate, and celebrate your wins!


>> Accountability Sisters :: I’ve found it to be SUPER helpful to have that special someone who you can go to on the reg to keep you accountable for the intentions and goals you set.


>> High-Level + Select Circle of Women :: This is a very special and exclusive opportunity and it is invitation and application only. The women inside of this group are intentionally and thoughtfully selected to ensure the sacredness of the experience. (There will be a total of 20 women inside of the program, with 5 spaces at the VIP level.)

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Early Action-Takers Bonuses, Surprises, and More!

Ready to take action now? If so, I’ve got even more in store for you. If you enroll before July 24th, you’ll also get access to…


>> 6 months inside of The Coven ($600 value) :: The Coven is a business and spirituality resource library with over 20 “biz” and “woo” trainings taught by leaders such as Joanna Turner, Danielle Mercurio, Meghan Maydel, Jessica Rasdall, Nicole Jackson Miller, Lauren Joyce, Sherina Mayani and more! Each month, 4 additional trainings are added, so the value is ever-increasing!


>> (2) SOS Sorcery Calls ($497 value) :: Have a burning q that you need private support around? Want in-depth feedback on something you’re working on? I gotchu, girl! You’ll receive two 15-minute phone calls with me that you can use anytime during the mastermind.


>> Profit Planning Workshop ($1,200 value) :: Join me and my AMAZING accountant for a 3-hour workshop where we’ll map out your profit plan for our 6 months together. Before I met Amy, I was SO not a numbers girl… but let me tell you, ignorance is not bliss. It is incredibly empowering to not only know your numbers, but know how to create a profitable plan for your business!


>> Early Bird Pricing and Extended Payment Plan! :: Normally, the investment for this experience is a $2,500 deposit, followed by six monthly payments of $1,250. However, as a member of my community, when you join before July 24th, the $2,500 deposit will be waived and you will be able to pay 9 monthly payments of $850.


If you’re reading this and are like, “HOLY SHIZBALLS! The Truth Leader Mastermind is exactly what I’ve been waiting for!” then request an application below and we can hop on a quick call so you can make the best decision for you <3


I’m only accepting 20 women into this special group (and only 5 at the VIP level). If you know you’ve gotta be one of the few, let’s secure your spot and make sure you get access to these limited time bonuses!

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Digging all of this, but want even more access to me?!

Check out what’s included when you become a
VIP in the Truth Leader Mastermind…



>> Unlimited 1:1 access to Lexi for 6 months ($15,000 value!) :: Call me, beep me, if you wanna reach me! Or just Voxer me 😉 As a VIP you’ll be able to have unlimited Voxer access to me (M-F). So if you ever having something you need answered STAT, you’ll be able to get the support you need in a jiffy. There’s no need to wait around another week or two to get your questions answered—phew!


>> (6) Monthly 1:1 Coaching Calls ($6,500 value) :: Each month, we’ll hop on Zoom together to map out and strategize the month ahead. Plus, we’ll go over anything that’s  coming up for you inside of your life and business so you can leave our calls feeling empowered, confident, and ready to take aligned action.


>> (1) VIP Day + Dinner ($5,000 value) :: You and the 4 other VIPs will be invited for a VIP bonus day and dinner during our retreat time together. We will be able to dive even deeper into your life and business goals together, as well as take action TOGETHER to get results. Not to mention, we’ll be hanging and connecting with one another! It’s going to be pure magic.


>> VIP Early Bird Pricing and Extended Payment Plan! :: Normally, the investment for the VIP experience is a $5,000 deposit, followed by six monthly payments of $2,200. However, as an insider member of my community, when you join before July 24th, the $5,000 deposit will be cut in half ($2,500) and you will be able to pay 9 monthly payments of $1,200.

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If you’re ready to join together and co-create some serious magic, I invite you to request an application for the Truth Leader Mastermind today (click button above). This is an experience unlike any other where you’re going to receive a unique mix of customized private coaching, powerful mastermind support, access to industry leaders, and deep connection inside of our in-person retreat.

We are doing some deep, deep revolutionary work in this program. This is for you if you KNOW it can’t be done alone. That while, yes, you are capable of SO much, you understand the magic that happens when women come together in community and create a collective wisdom to tap into.

I’m here as your partner and sister inside of this space. I intentionally co-lead and co-create with each and every woman inside of this mastermind, because I know that while I have some incredible gifts and wisdom to share, so do you.

If you’ve been waiting for an opportunity where you not only get to link arms with me, but also an incredible group of other visionaries, the Truth Leader Mastermind is for you.

This is currently the ONLY way to work with me at this level of access and connection. Request an application below if you’re ready to do life and business in a whole new realm. Remember, the Early Action-Takers pricing & bonuses go away on July 24th, so don't wait! 🙂

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