5 Steps to The Sparkly Unicorn Life


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There's no denying it—the online world has become crowded and overwhelming.

It can be a total pain in the ass to sort through all the crap out there to get to the golden nuggets. Not to mention, lonely AF. If you're looking to...

1. Link arms with magical female leaders doing BIG things in the world

2. Make a shit ton of mula, AND

3. Have an absolute blast

Then download the 5 Steps to The Sparkly Unicorn Life!


We're here to show you how.

And of course, to do it in a simple, fun and easy way.

All while making serious cash money.


Why us?

Glad you asked. We're proud to share that we are two highly sought-after coaches who have both grown our businesses into sparkly empires (seriously, look us up) that have allowed us to do whatever we want, whenever we want.

  • Travel the world, first class, anyone? (Check)
  • Splurge on high-end experiences, products, clothes, cars, houses? (Check)
  • Work from home with two kids making our own hours (Check. Okay, well Holly has two real human children. Lexi only has 2 fur babies, but you get the picture.)
  • Hang out with some of the most incredible and influential women in the online space. (Check)

And the reality is, we have done this against the odds. We are the 1% who are actually doing the things that everyone else just talks about doing, but never gets around to. The only thing between you and The Sparkly Unicorn Life is believing in yourself and your magic and FINALLY taking that leap of faith in the direction of your dreams.

You can truly have all we've created and MORE. 

We're here to show how to create financial abundance and time freedom through recurring revenue. But trust us when we say you've NEVER heard anyone share what we're about to share with you.

So if you're ready to create new possibilities and prosperity beyond your wildest imagination, we invite you to come along for the ride. (Or we guess you could just watch us, but what fun would that be? #FOMO)

Go ahead and pop your pretty little name and email into the box below and we'll *POOF* some magic into your inbox. Cool? Cool 😉

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Holly Diederich and Lexi D'Angelo are two top online entrepreneurs who share the middle name "fun" and are obsessed with creating success on their own terms—aka with a shit ton of glitter, unicorns, and dirty jokes.

They'll show you how to get paid the big bucks by simply being YOU, so you can finally enjoy the luxury lifestyle you desire and deserve.

This duo doesn't hold back and you can expect to experience value-bombs (and f-bombs) like WHOA.