Sacred Sorcery

Sacred Sorcery

with LEADERSHIP COACH, Lexi D'Angelo

Learn how to tap into the power of essential oils to create magic in the realms business, wellness, and sexuality!

Here's what you'll get access to:

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Essential Oils 101

Inside of this exclusive workshop, I'll guide you to learn the ins and out of the 10 most popular essential oils and how you can use them to enhance ALL areas of your life. I'll show you my favorite blends and walk you step-by-step to creating your own!

You'll leave this experience knowing exactly how to alchemize potent potions and cures for all your needs and desires!

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Sacred Rituals

Now that you've got the Essential Oils 101 training under your belt, we'll dive into how you can create sacred rituals with your favorite oils.

We'll cover everything from morning + evening rituals, to new and full moon rituals, all the way to seasonal rituals! And of course, we'll explore how you can infuse your own unique flavor into this rituals, as well as create new ones of your own.

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Reclaim Your Cycle

Cycles surround us day in and day out, yet many of us have tome to supress and deny our cyclical natures, instead of embrace them. In this training, I will teach how you can utilize the power of your cycle to enhance your soul work, self-development, spirituality and sexuality.

You'll know which time of the month is best to speak onstage vs. edit your book vs. launch a new project. All of this wisdom is inside of you and is ready for you to remember and reclaim! And of course, I'll be sharing which oils are best for each stage of your cycle and why!

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Activate Your Leadership

I know you have a big vision for the work you do in the world and you are ready to step into your next level of leadership. However, more likely than not, there are blocks and limiting beliefs standing in your way of what you truly desire.

Inside of this workshop, we're going to explore the root cause of your resistance and powerfully move past it so you can establish your legacy, once and for all! Get ready to look at your light and dark sides and everything in-between. This is bound to be a total game changer!

These modules are worth $2,297!


Be one of the first 10 women to enroll in this program and receive a FREE 30-minute life + biz consultation with Lexi (valued at $297)


The Sacred Sorcery experience is totally FREE with purchase of a dōTERRA starter kit bought through my link. When you sign up you will be given access to the 4 workshops, as well as the in-depth slides.

It's really that easy!

If you're already part of another dōTERRA team or you don't desire to purchase oils at this time, you can purchase the program for $247. Click here to purchase separately.


NOTE: You'll need to enroll by purchasing any of the following starter kits (the $35 membership fee is waived when you do so—yay!):

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Cheers to enhancing all areas of your life with the magic of essential oils!