New Moon Magic Workbook








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A little bit about Lexi, the creator of the New Moon Magic Workbook



Lexi D’Angelo is a multi 6-figure Prosperity + Pleasure Coach for high-achieving coaches and entrepreneurs who are currently overwhelmed by their infinite passions and ideas but are ready to stop fighting their inherent gifts and embrace them in order to experience fun, fulfillment and financial freedom. She helps her clients become next-level leaders by ditching linear, cookie-cutter systems and showing them how to infuse a more intuitive and integrative approach into their life and business.

She meets women at the crossroads of strategy and spirituality and blends seemingly opposite modalities together—think Marketing and Archetypes; Visibility and Shadow Exploration; Sales and Rituals; Coaching Skills and Cycles—just to name a few.

Lexi's multi-dimensional experiences allow her clients to create transformational results that skyrocket their version of success, and in turn, allow them to facilitate the same profound transformation with their own clients.

Lexi guides women to activate ALL the elements that make up their unique magic, develop an internal compass so strong that they’re constantly guided and creating from it, and confidently share their truth with the world. When women are able to do this, Lexi believes they will be able to unapologetically own their potent power and experience limitless pleasure and prosperity.