Leadership Roadmap Webinar


You crave being seen as a leader in your industry. You want to be known as the “go-to” person for your zone of genius and yet…*something* keeps holding you back.

It’s like you KNOW what you need to do to get there, but when it comes to actually making that shiz happen?

Nope. Nada.

Binge watching reality TV with some kombucha and takeout feels waaaaaaay better.

“But Lexi, I know all the latest and greatest goal setting and productivity shiz. Isn’t this just gonna be more of the same?”

Hell. No.

Beyond setting realistic goals that are tied to what YOUR unique definition of leadership is, we’re going to take this process one step further.

Because there’s absolutely NOTHING worse than finally taking action and hitting a goal you’ve been aiming for (for what feels like  FOREVER) to all of a sudden feel...empty. Like it’s not really all that worth celebrating after all.

We’re going to take your goal setting one step further with an approach that focuses on true FULFILLMENT—not just a bunch of fleeting highs.  We’ll look at your activated and natural state of being AND your most shutdown and resistant state, so we can create a well-rounded approach that gives you the literal roadmap to hitting all your goals with a process that is unique to you and only you!

And it’s all going down in a LIVE *free* training Wednesday 10/25 at 7 pm ET/4 pm PT

In just one hour together, we’re going to:

  • Look at your definition of leadership and uncover what’s holding you back from fully stepping into the the true influencer and leader you know you’re meant to be

  • Identify the primary mode you’ve been operating from and uncover any parts of yourself that you’ve been shutting down, and therefore diminishing your potent power

  • Create your distinct leadership roadmap with concrete action steps so you can actually hit your big goals and experience true fulfillment in the process

Ready to fully step into your leadership and kick your life + biz to the next level?


save your seat now—space is limited and I’m expecting them to go *POOF*