Fully Activated Woman



You aren’t as passionate, on fire, successful, or aligned in your business AND life as you’d like to be.

Instead, you’re battling against the marketing tactics the “gurus” tell you to do and you are living in fear of what society would think if you were to truly show up as the REAL you.


What if I told you there was a different way? What if you could create wild, sacred, and soulful success in all areas of your life?

And NOT just the kind where you're attracting clients left and right, traveling the world, and having $10k, or hell, even $100k months.

Say WHAAA?!?! 😱

Yes, I know what you may be thinking: "But that's what I want! I would be **thrilled** to experience that kind of success."

I thought I would be too…

However, this picture of "success" lead me to be the most unhappy, unfulfilled and burnt out season I have ever been in.

>> I was attracting lots of clients, but some really pushed my boundaries and depleted my energy.

>> I traveled all over the world, but was glued to my computer and unable to truly be present and enjoy the full experience.

>> I was even making those "magical" multiple-five figures each month, but feeling more uninspired and unaligned than ever in my business.



You've approached your business believing that by accomplishing #allthethings you’d feel this huuuuge sense of achievement and by default everything else in your life would fall into place.

Buuuuuuut then when you actually hit that big and wild goal of yours, for whatever inexplicable reason, things didn't feel so great. You may have experienced a brief high, but that quickly faded. Then you felt...empty.

“WTF. How could this be?” You wonder. This is totally not what you expected.

You expected to feel AMAZING. And beyond that, completely and totally fulfilled.

I don’t know if this makes you feel better, but you're not alone. I see this happen to women time and time again. (Hiii, I was also one of those women, too! I truly get it.)

The fact is, most of us don’t ACTUALLY know what it feels like to truly be fulfilled.

Why? Because we’ve spent our entire lives being conditioned to believe that pushing, working hard, and following the patriarchal linear system is the path to success and fulfillment.

And in the process of trying to adapt to this way of life (I say adapt, because this is actually NOT our natural way of doing things) we have come to ignore our intuition, disregard our desires, and shutdown our potent power—the very keys to our fulfillment.



I know it may seem like we’re in a bleak and troublesome situation…and the truth is, we are.

However, all hope is not lost. There is a solution.

The solution? Tapping into the power of the Divine Feminine.


WAIT!!! Before you roll your eyes and zone out, I want to challenge you to keep an open mind.

When I first heard the term Divine Feminine, I thought, "Booooring. Not me. Bye." 👋🏼

After all, I didn't quiiiiiite resonate with the idea of women frolicking around chanting in the fields, wearing flowing robes, or whatever it was that I thought the Divine Feminine did. I felt like I would have to be super proper, or spiritual, or girly to fit in.

Clearly, I didn't know what the Divine Feminine was REALLY all about.


Because the Divine Feminine is a BADASS.

She's sassy, sexy, fun, wild, intelligent, loving, magical, fierce, playful, sensual, creative, powerful, intuitive, soulful, and complex.

She's multi-dimensional, multi-faceted, and multi-passionate.

She doesn't fit inside a box, but is the breaker of chains and mother of dragons. (Game of Thrones, anyone?!) 🐲

Here's the thing, though—Not everyone is ready to ACTUALLY do what it takes to experience the Divine Feminine in ALL her magical glory.



Because it means seeking pleasure 🔥, not popularity 💁🏽.

It means ditching the proven 5-step systems ✌🏻 and completely trusting your own inner compass for guidance 🔮.

It means saying "smell ya later" to that crazy unrealistic linear model of success 📈 and trading it in for a more natural, cyclical practice instead 🌀.

And finally, it means totally retraining yourself to take control of your life and business in a whole new way 💃. Unlearning all the bullshit standards that society and the marketing industry have ingrained in you 💩.

It's not an easy path to travel, but it's rewarding AF. 


Are you ready to take it? Are you ready to step into your leadership and tap into your core truths?

If you're fed up with cookie-cutter goals and strategies and are ready to experience life and business on your own terms...

I'd love for you to join me inside of


A 12-month journey for female leaders who are ready to turn on + reclaim all elements of their potent power by embodying the magic of the Fully Activated Woman

This experience is unlike ANYTHING I've ever created before and it's unlike anything I've seen out there.


As amazing as other programs about the Divine Feminine and the Priestess Path are…

They're a little TOO out there for my peeps. Sure, I can get down with the witchy rituals and sacred ceremonies all day, errry day, but they're lacking in sass, edge, and modern-day approachability.

And the problem with most business programs? They don't go deep enough.

Sure, the outer work is important, but the inner work is where the true path to feminine leadership lies.


Trust someone who's enrolled and invested in a gazillion and five courses: those tips and tricks are NOT what moves the needle.


It's been the work with archetypes, cycles, master facilitation, my shadow side, and rituals that have changed everything for my clients and me.

So this is a different spin on things. It's fresh, it's fun, but it's deeply transformative.

The work we do will be anchored in both magic and logic, feminine and masculine, ancient wisdom and modern musings.

Perfect for the modern-day female leader -- YOU! (Yes, it's even for you if you consider yourself a spiritual newbie!)

You'll learn to explore and embody the principles of the Divine Feminine and use her wisdom to FULLY know yourself in a way you never have before, so you can create a soul-aligned business and life that you're obsessed with.


Feel into this for a moment—What would it feel like if every facet of the woman within you was completely TURNED ON and ACTIVATED?
I’m not talking about just making $100k or having a booming business, I'm talking about a life where...
> You feel aligned and ignited by the work you’re doing in the world. You know without a doubt that you’re living your soul purpose...
> AND you magnetize all the wealth you desire to support your fully expressed life...
> AND you have a true soulmate who adores and admires each and every unique part of you...
> AND you're in love with your body and truly honor her fierce feminine power...
> AND your sex life is steamy, passionate, deep, and meaningful...
> AND your connection with the divine/source/God/the Universe is on a level you’ve never experienced before...
> AND you live in harmony with nature, the seasons and life’s cycles and have a profound connection to the Earth and her elements...
> AND you have girlfriends you’re freaking obsessed with. They laugh with you, they cry with you, and they’ve got your back, no matter what...
> AND your health and wellness practice fuels you and energizes you like WHOA...
> AND you spend all the time you desire immersing yourself in your hobbies, playing, and simply enjoying life to the fullest…


Can you feel the difference?
I know it may initially feel like it’s too good to be true, but that thought is only furthering the dimming of your desires.


It’s time for a new way of doing business and life.


Because doing work in just ONE area isn’t going solve ALL of your problems. It’s crucial that we take a holistic approach because in reality, nothing exists in a vacuum.

Are you ready to get to know ALL parts of you? The light, the dark, and everything in-between? And beyond just know, are you ready to OWN them so fiercely that you unleash your potent power to finally create the impact and live the life you've always desired?

If so, join us inside of the Fully Activated Woman Experience.

I'm only accepting a limited number of dedicated ladies into this sacred circle through private invitation or an application process.

>> If this is your year to harness your feminine power in your life + biz, request an application below! <<


This isn’t your typical program, because you’re not the typical woman. Am I right? 😉



An intimate, intentional group of women gathered together for 12 months of magical work and play.

A group of powerhouse women who are rewriting the rules and answering their soul's callings.

A group of women who are committed to linking arms in sisterhood and making lifelong friendships.


Let me give you even more of a peek into what this experience is going to look like...


The entire experience is rooted in the 12 pillars of the Fully Activated Woman:


Libra: The Linestrider //

  • Understand the importance of creating sisterhood and how to create a sacred space for group work. Not all group programs and retreats were created equally and a big part of this boils down to the ability to create a solid container for the transformation to unfold. We’ll be exploring this in depth and you’ll be given specific tools and exercises to use to enhance the magic you’re co-creating with your clients.
  • Track your menstrual cycle and what’s coming up for you each day so you can begin to observe the rhythms of your mind, body, and soul! There is SO much power in this. We’ve been taught to look at growth as linear, but as you’ll see from exploring your cycle, it’s actually cyclical. Once you have this understanding, so much will click for you and you’ll start to see why it’s impossible to always be ON. You’ll uncover the best times for you to do introspective work, talk to potential clients, increase your visibility, write your book, take massive action, and so much more!
  • Explore the characteristics and energies of the 4 seasons and how they relate to your growth and your clients’ growth. If you or your clients are getting stuck and can't seem to hit your goals, this knowledge is going to unlock so much for you. Get ready for your mind to be blown and to experience incredible transformation!

Scorpio: The Sorceress //

  • Understand how to take ALL the various elements of you (your quirks, desires, strengths, challenges, etc.) and alchemize them together to create GOLD (aka truly understand how to integrate all parts of you and own your potent power in the world).
  • Explore those “darker” shades of you—you know, the ones that you’ve tried to ignore, repress, to shame yourself for. The truth is, when we hide these shadow aspects of ourselves, they control us. However, when we learn to embrace them we can tap into their power and use them in highly transformative ways. We’ll be uncovering exactly how to recognize and work with your shadows, plus how to guide your own clients through this process as well.
  • Look at the concept of “rebirth” and what it’s like to allow your ego, projects, relationships, and other facets of your life and business to die off in service of something greater. We’ll explore how to embrace and welcome “death” instead of fear and avoid it. This is truly powerful work!

Sagittarius: The Soul Seeker //

  • Get crystal clear on your soul truths and passions so you can do the work that you were put on this planet to do and make money from it. Far too often, we’ve been taught that there’s one way to do something, and I’m here as your guide to help you unlearn all that bullshit and pave your own path. You’ll get incredibly honest with yourself about the work you TRULY desire to do and you’ll take aligned action steps to finally make it happen.
  • Develop an internal compass so strong that you are constantly guided and creating from it. Versus constantly seeking out the latest marketing magic bullet (spoiler alert: it doesn’t exist!). I’ll show you how to integrate and swirl all of your passions, desires, and quirks together to make your own unique magic. AND how to create a business model that feels fun and fabulous for YOU (not what everyone else in the industry says you have to follow!).
  • Tap into your inner wisdom to unlock your own unique methodology that sparks a fire in you and your clients. You’ll create and claim your one-of-a-kind system for getting clients incredible results so they keep coming back for more! This is how you not only stand out, but how you become known, trusted, and respected for your calling and gifts.

Capricorn: The Go-Getter //

  • Understand the core concepts of goal-setting and why people hit their goals, while others don’t. We’ll uncover what your soul-aligned goals are (not the goals that errrryone else and their mom is telling you you should be going after) and your unique goal-setting process to achieve your big dreams (remember, there’s no system or cookie-cutter method that works for everyone!)
  • Map out the specific action steps you must take in order to hit your goals. Far too often, I see that people set and forget goals because they don’t know how to create a step-by-step roadmap to follow that easily and efficiently guides them to their desired result. It’s time that this changes and you finally achieve what you set out to do.
  • Perform an audit of what systems and structures you have in place to support you with taking your business to the next level. Whether you have zero or 100 SOPs in place...whether you are a planning whiz or terrified of structure, we are going to find a way to create aligned systems that are going to work with you, not against you! This will free up so much time and energy, and will also allow you to scale your business like never before.

Aquarius: The Rebelutionary //

  • Uncover and harness the elements that make up your unique magic. Despite what peeps say, it’s totally okay to be “multi-passionate.” In fact, I’ll teach you how to use this to your advantage and how you can swirl all your gifts together in a clear and enchanting way to help you stand out!
  • Identify causes that light you up and make you want to take a stand. It’s all well and good to hit our goals and enjoy our success, but it’s so important that we also look outside of ourselves and give back to our communities or charities we believe in. I’ll help you figure out how you can give back through your business in a way that feels good for you.
  • Uncover the magic and wisdom of your unique astrological birth chart. Your birth chart holds the key to understanding who you are, your unique gifts, and how you relate to the others. It’s a powerful tool to use for greater self awareness, as well as greater understanding of people in your life and how they operate (clients included!). We’ll be exploring elements such as your sun, moon and rising signs, as well as other fundamental, yet profound, aspects!

Pisces: The Mystical Maven //

  • Tap into the magic of dream work for greater insight into your psyche and deeper connection to spirit. There’s so much juicy information that is available to us when we are able to observe our dreams and the lessons they contain. In our waking hours, there is a lot of focus on our conscious mind, however, in dreamtime, we are able to access and tap into our unconscious and the secrets held there. We’ll be looking at ways you can work with your dreams to take your business to the next level and experience transformation on a whole new plane (plus, how to infuse this into the work you do with clients!).
  • Tarot, oracle cards, crystals, and pendulums, oh my! There are so many incredible spiritual tools to work with to enhance your intuition and psychic powers and we’ll be exploring a multitude of them so you can find which ones resonate most with you. These tools not only help you gain greater personal awareness, but they also help to facilitate new insights for clients. Get ready to create magic!

Aries: The Initiatrix //

  • Claim your leadership style and decide what the next evolution of your leadership looks and feels like. There’s no one way to show up as a leader and we’ll evaluate what your leadership style is and how you can lead on your own terms. To do so, we’ll dive into tools like the Kolbe Assessment, StrengthsFinder, Myers-Briggs, and more.
  • Being a solo entrepreneur is one thing, but being the CEO of your company is a whole other game. We’re going to look at the ways you can step into the role of CEO inside of your business so you can work smarter, not harder, and create the impact and income you desire.
  • There’s a reason you’re doing the work you’re doing. You’re looking to make a massive impact and create a ripple effect that can be seen and felt throughout the world. I’ll show you how to take your message to the masses and create a movement that people are inspired and excited by. No more playing small, it’s time to go BIG!

Taurus: The Seductress //

  • Discover all of your senses (sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch) and learn how to tap into them to be more present and experience more pleasure in your life and business. By fully activating our senses we can experience our internal and external landscapes in a whole new way.
  • Explore your sexuality and igniting your Shakti energy. There’s no denying it—our culture has taught women that we must act a certain way, especially when it comes to expressing ourselves sexually. To hell with that. We’ll explore any sexual patterns or programming you may be clinging onto and understand how these not only play a role in your sex life and relationships, but your business as well. I’ll also teach you tools for transforming any limiting beliefs and sexual blockages so you can claim your true sexual power.
  • Your sexual power and your ability to tap into your Shakti energy is correlated to the abundance you attract. Screw the old paradigm of time = money. I’ll show you how more pleasure = more profit.

Gemini: The Storyteller //

  • Explore the mile markers that make up the Hero’s Journey and learn how to use this newfound knowledge to understand the trials and tribulations your ideal client has journeyed through. You’ll also learn how to use elements of the Hero’s Journey inside of your marketing materials to connect with your peeps on an even deeper level.
  • People have connected through story since the beginning of time. I’ll show you how to uncover your multi-dimensional stories and how to share them in a way that deeply connects you with your dream clients. We’ll also uncover how your mess can be your greatest medicine and how to share this message in a powerful way.
  • Overcome “writer’s block” and how to tap into the wisdom of your muse at any given time. The truth is that writing doesn’t always come naturally. I’ll help you explore various tricks and tools to help you get in the zone and maximize your creative juices. Not to mention, you’ll understand how to use your unique voice in your writing so your content always feels genuine and never forced.
 Cancer: The Nurturer //

  • Explore your relationship with other women and dive into the mother and sister wound. While the women who join this experience value community over competition, there’s still a lot of wounding and even trauma that comes with female relationships. We’re going to uncover your “herstory” and embark on a healing journey so you can powerfully lead and hold women in sacred sisterhood.
  • Connect to the moon and her magic through ritual and ceremony. We’ll dive into the phases of the moon, how it relates to our female cycles, and how you can amplify specific energies during certain times of the month. This knowledge is extremely powerful when it comes to setting intentions and manifesting your desires!
  • Learn how to provide a one-of-a-kind client experience. Sure, it’s all well and good to get clients into a program, but what happens once they’re in the door? The nurturing doesn’t stop there—in fact, is juuuust begins. It’s so important that you’re able to create a dynamic and supportive experience for your clients that keeps them motivated and excited to participate week after week or even month after month. I’ll walk you through my own onboarding process and the journey I take my clients on from start to finish and then guide you through establishing your own (this is what has allowed me to have a 75% retention rate with my clients!).

Leo: The Unicorn //

  • Explore the ways you can infuse more fun, creativity and play into all areas of your life and business. I truly believe that life is meant to be enjoyed and that things do not have to be hard or laborious. You have the power to decide how much (or how little) fun you’re going to have in your life and business. One thing is for sure, my business took off when I was able to drop the shoulds and instead, felt into what would be most enjoyable for me. This is crucial for long-term sustainability and success.
  • Part of being a leader is being able to step into and own the spotlight. Whether you’re introverted or extroverted, it doesn’t matter. You have a message and mission and it’s crucial that you’re able to share it with the world. I’ll introduce you to other leaders inside of my wide and deep network so you can make connections and relationships. We’ll also identify and land PR opportunities for you to get known in your industry. Now is your time!
  • Attract a loyal following of raving fans and unicorn clients who will support you and spread your message. Your community is everything. Without ‘em, there’s no one to support and no one to help you create a ripple effect. We’ll identify and implement soul-aligned strategies to grow your following and build your community in an authentic way that will have them knocking down your door to work with you.

Virgo: The Now-Age Healer //

  • Delve into your relationship with yourself and how to cultivate greater self-awareness. There’s a lot of negative talk that goes on inside of our inner worlds and we’ll address this critic and extract lessons and medicine from her. We’ll uncover how you can cultivate a more loving relationship with yourself and how to truly embrace and adore all aspects of you.
  • Explore the mind, body, and spirit connection. I find that entrepreneurs, in particular, become so immersed in their work that they neglect their health and wellness. But we are nothing without our health and it’s so crucial that we fuel our mind, body, and soul with the nutrients and elements they need to not only survive, but thrive. We’ll look at your current health and wellness routines and how you can either enhance them or switch ‘em up altogether so you can soar!
  • Uncover the importance of ritual and ceremony to elevate your relationship with self, others, and the earth. I’ll introduce you to various elements and tools used inside of ritual and ceremony so you can connect to sacred women’s tradition and experience the deep healing and transformation that occurs as a result. This is a powerful way to create meaning, enhance connection, and truly standout as a facilitator and leader.

With each pillar we work with, you will be guided to apply the Four Elements of Integration Technique in order to fully master its potent energy.

Air: knowledge-based trainings.
Earth: embodiment rituals.
Fire: soul-aligned actions.
Water: spiritual practices.

This experience includes:


>> (3) 2-day In-person Retreats (Dates and location TBD) :: The online scene is amazing, but there’s something completely undeniable about the connections made when women come together in person.

Inside of our two days together we’ll dive deep into areas of your life + business. You will leave with new awarenesses, soul-aligned strategies, inspiration and motivation like WHOA, the confidence to truly be you and SHINE in the world, and lifelong friendships. 

Each of our retreats will have a specific theme based on the group of women who gather together inside of this mastermind. You’ll come to find that this whole experience is truly customized for YOU, and not just formulaically put together.


>> (12) Mastermind Calls :: Once a month, we’ll come together for mastermind calls where you get to ask me anything and receive the support you desire.

This is your time to get my 1:1 support, as well as listen in on the questions your mastermind sisters ask. (I’ve learned soooo much from the questions other women have asked inside of masterminds I’ve been a part of!) Nothing is off limits here! We can dive into strategy, tech, mindset work, spirituality, lifestyle.


>> (12) Fully Activated Woman Archetypal Pillar Trainings :: While the Mastermind will be co-created based on the needs and desires of all of the members, there are 12 Archetypal Pillars that the program is founded on. Each month, we will be diving into a pillar and exploring its archetypal energy in great depth (See above for 12 Archetypal Pillars.)


>> (12) Integrative Modality Trainings :: In addition to exploring the archetypal energy of each pillar, we will also have integrative modality trainings each month. WTF does that mean? Think of these as in-depth workshops to help you not only dive deeper into your own personal development but to also master the tools necessary to facilitate transformation with your own clients. Each integrative modality will equip you with necessary tools for your transformational coaching toolbox that will set you apart in your industry.


>> (12) Soul Leader Calls :: Each month, I’ll be inviting a leader in the industry to join us inside of the mastermind to expand upon one of the 12 Fully Activated Woman Pillars. Not only will you be tapping into their incredible knowledge, but you will make connections with some of the top leaders in the industry!


>> Sacred + Secret Facebook Group :: Ohhh I LOVE the Facebook groups that are inside of my programs! The connections the women make are unlike any other and everyone is always so excited to share their aha’s and ask for support. This is your sacred space to get daily accountability, ask q’s, connect, collaborate, and celebrate your wins!


>> Accountability Sisters :: I’ve found it to be SUPER helpful to have that special someone who you can go to on the reg to keep you accountable for the intentions and goals you set.


>> High-Level + Select Circle of Women :: This is a very special and exclusive opportunity and it is invitation and application only. The women inside of this group are intentionally and thoughtfully selected to ensure the sacredness of the experience. (There will be a total of 20 women inside of the program, with 5 spaces at the VIP level.)


>> Payment :: $2,500 deposit, followed by twelve monthly payments of $650.

Early Action-Takers Bonuses, Surprises, and More!

Ready to take action now? If so, I’ve got even more in store for you. If you enroll before September, you’ll also get access to…


>> 12 months inside of The Coven ($600 value) :: The Coven is a business and spirituality resource library with over 20 “biz” and “woo” trainings taught by leaders such as Joanna Turner, Danielle Mercurio, Meghan Maydel, Jessica Rasdall, Nicole Jackson Miller, Lauren Joyce, Sherina Mayani and more! Each month, 4 additional trainings are added, so the value is ever-increasing!


>> (2) SOS Sorcery Calls ($497 value) :: Have a burning q that you need private support around? Want in-depth feedback on something you’re working on? I gotchu, girl! You’ll receive two 15-minute phone calls with me that you can use anytime during the mastermind.


>> Unlock Your Methodology 5-Part Workshop Series ($997 value) :: Toss out the cookie cutters, go deeper, and create a process that sparks a fire within you and your clients! Part 1: Uncover Your Unicorn Client // Part 2: The Unicorn Client's Journey // Part 3: Uncovering (+ Harnessing) Your Unique Magic // Part 4: Invoking The Elements to Amplify Massive Shifts // Part 5: Swirling Your Methodology and Magic Together


If you’re reading this and are like, “HOLY SHIZBALLS! The Fully Activated Woman Experience is exactly what I’ve been waiting for!” then request an application below and we can hop on a quick call so you can make the best decision for you <3


I’m only accepting 20 women into this special group (and only 5 at the VIP level). If you know you’ve gotta be one of the few, let’s secure your spot and make sure you get access to these limited time bonuses!

Digging all of this, but want even more access to me?!

Check out what’s included when you become a
VIP in the Fully Activated Woman Experience…



>> Unlimited 1:1 access to Lexi for 12 months ($25,000 value!) :: Call me, beep me, if you wanna reach me! Or just Voxer me 😉 As a VIP you’ll be able to have unlimited Voxer access to me (M-F). So if you ever having something you need answered STAT, you’ll be able to get the support you need in a jiffy. There’s no need to wait around another week or two to get your questions answered—phew!


>> (12) Monthly 1:1 Coaching Calls ($6,500 value) :: Each month, we’ll hop on Zoom together to map out and strategize the month ahead. Plus, we’ll go over anything that’s  coming up for you inside of your life and business so you can leave our calls feeling empowered, confident, and ready to take aligned action.


>> (3) VIP Days + Dinner ($10,000 value) :: You and the 4 other VIPs will be invited for a bonus day and dinner during our each of our retreats together. We will be able to dive even deeper into your life and business goals together, as well as take action TOGETHER to get results. Not to mention, we’ll be hanging and connecting with one another! It’s going to be pure magic.


>> VIP Pricing :: $5,000 deposit, followed by twelve monthly payments of $1,200.

If you’re ready to join together and co-create some serious magic, I invite you to request an application for the Fully Activated Woman Experience today (click button above). This is a program unlike any other where you’re going to receive a unique mix of customized private coaching, powerful mastermind support, access to industry leaders, and deep connection inside of our in-person retreat.

We are doing some deep, deep revolutionary work in this program. This is for you if you KNOW it can’t be done alone. That while, yes, you are capable of SO much, you understand the magic that happens when women come together in community and create a collective wisdom to tap into.

I’m here as your partner and sister inside of this space. I intentionally co-lead and co-create with each and every woman inside of this mastermind, because I know that while I have some incredible gifts and wisdom to share, so do you.

If you’ve been waiting for an opportunity where you not only get to link arms with me, but also an incredible group of other visionaries, the Fully Activated Woman Experinece is for you.

This is currently the ONLY way to work with me at this level of access and connection. Request an application below if you’re ready to do life and business in a whole new realm. Remember, the Early Action-Takers pricing & bonuses go away on September 13th, so don't wait! 🙂