Archetype Storyteller

The Storyteller could spend hours engaging in intellectually stimulating conversation. She has a tendency to be a big talker and never seems to be at a loss for words or stories. One thing is for sure, this archetype is not boring to be around…although she will get bored by surface conversation that lacks depth and intrigue.

The Storyteller loves connecting amazing people with each other and gets a thrill from watching their interactions. She easily and effortlessly meets friends and it’s hard not to hang onto her every word. Needless to say, this archetype is great at communicating her ideas and often has a clever and charming way of doing so. She is ready to bring her message to the masses and isn’t afraid to steal the show.

How you can apply this info to your life + biz...

Enhance your Storyteller magic:

Journal Prompts

  • What powerful stories do you have to share? How can you use them to connect with your unicorn clients? How have you been marketing your services? Does it feel joyful and in alignment or overwhelming and forced? If you knew you’d get out-of-this-world results no matter what, how would you market your services and offerings?
  • While the Storyteller archetype is all about sharing stories with the outer world, the Soul Seeker (its opposite) loves to explore the stories and beliefs that go on in their internal world. Reflect on what you’ve been told is the “truth” (whether this was learned from your parents, leaders in your industry, society, etc.). How do their perceptions compare to your own truth? How has it felt to live your life and make decisions according to someone else’s truth? What are your core truths and desires? How can you start to live your life and take aligned actions from your own inner knowing? How will you re-write this story moving forward?

Curious how you can enhance your Storyteller magic *even further*?

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