Archetype Sorceress

The Sorceress is mysterious, powerful, and deep. She has no desire to skim the surface, and instead, she gets high from plunging into the unknown depths.

This archetype is dances in the dark and befriends her shadow side. She knows that she wields the power to change any situation and she is a master at releasing what no longer serves her and rebirthing into a newer, more evolved version of herself. She is an alchemist who can turn her fears and limiting beliefs into her deepest desires and dreams.

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Journal Prompts

  • While the Sorceress archetype is all about exploring the darker, more mysterious sides of you in secret or private, its opposite, the Seductress is all about fully embodying the more sensual and sexual aspects of yourself. There’s power in owning your Seductress energy and letting it come into the light instead of keeping it in the shadows. If nothing was stopping you or making you feel shame or embarrassment, how would you like to embody and embrace your sensuality and sexuality? How can you become more sensual and sexual in your everyday life? Who would you like to share this part of yourself more with? How do you plan on taking the steps to do so?
  • Reflect on your relationship to unknown, mysterious, and taboo subjects. What comes up for you when you allow yourself to dive into these areas? What emotions or thoughts are you met with? What mysterious or taboo subjects are you desiring to explore in greater depth? What, if anything, has been standing in your way? Why do you think that is?

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