Archetype Seductress

The Seductress is a radiant goddess who effortlessly and pleasurably magnetizes her heart’s desires. Her approach is feminine and fierce and she is fully tapped into her potent power. She loooooves indulging in all of her senses and could spend hours savoring all the earthly pleasures at her fingertips.

This archetype enjoys the finer things in life and surrounds herself with only the most high quality things, people, and environments. She knows that abundance and money are simply energy and she has the ability to manifest and create more as she desires. Pleasure is her middle name and is the driving force behind everything she does. This archetype embraces her sensuality and sexuality and empowers other women to do the same.

How you can apply this info to your life + biz...

Enhance your Seductress magic:

Journal Prompts

  • Read this phrase out loud: I am a feminine and fierce goddess. What comes up for you when you read this? What emotions, thoughts, and feelings present themselves? Do you view yourself as a goddess? If so, what type of goddess energy do you most relate to? If not, is there another word that feels like a better fit? How do you currently own your sexual power? In what ways can you own your sexual power more?
  • While the Seductress archetype embodies her sensuality and sexuality and has a groundedness to her, the Sorceress (her opposite) hides a lot of her desires and is a mystery to many. Reflect on your relationship to unknown, mysterious, and taboo subjects. What comes up for you when you allow yourself to dive into these areas? What emotions or thoughts are you met with? What mysterious or taboo subjects are you desiring to explore in greater depth? What, if anything, has been standing in your way? Why do you think that is?

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