Archetype Rebelutionary

The Rebelutionary is a woman whose core value is freedom in all respects of the word. She’s quirky, she’s out-there, and she doesn’t give two shits what anyone thinks about her. She wears her beliefs on her sleeve and isn’t afraid to go against the norm to stand up for what she knows to be true. If she witness inequality or injustice she will be the first to take a stand and rally the troops in support of her mission.

She hates cookie-cutter tactics and is the first to throw any conformity and rules out the window. This archetype has a love for astrology and is fascinated by the unique blueprint of people’s birth charts. She encourages others to embrace their diverse magic and all the idiosyncrasies that make them who they are.

How you can apply this info to your life + biz...

Enhance your Rebelutionary magic:

Journal Prompts

  • What does your definition of freedom look and feel like? How will you know you’re experiencing freedom? In what ways do you feel free to express your true self? In what ways do you feel stifled or unable to express your true self? What some of your core beliefs? How can you bring these into the work you do and the mission you stand behind?
  • While the Rebelutionary archetype loves to go against the grain and do her own thang because, hello, #rebel, the Unicorn (its opposite) is able to express her uniqueness in a truly fun and joyful way. The Unicorn teaches the Rebelutionary to lighten up a bit and let go. Where can you infuse more joy and fun into your life? How can you find ways to express yourself more creatively? How can you magnetize others who resonate with your vibe and celebrate your uniqueness?

Curious how you can enhance your Rebelutionary magic *even further*?

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