Archetype Now Age Healer

The Now-Age Healer values health and wellness above all things. She prioritizes the wellbeing of herself, others and the planet, and is constantly trying to make things better in the world. This archetype has the tendency to want to fix everything, which can sometimes come off as her being super critical, but it’s only because she truly wants to be of service.

The Now-Age Healer spends a lot of time in self-inquiry and discovery and is constantly analyzing how she can improve herself. She strives for perfection in all that she does, but sometimes this causes her to be extremely self-critical. At the end of the day, this archetype is here to serve and and heal.

How you can apply this info to your life + biz...

Enhance your Now Age Healer magic:

Journal Prompts

  • What is your relationship to organization? What are some outstanding tasks or projects that you can work on and get more organized around? If you’re someone who pays verrrrrry close attention to detail, how can you surrender to the big picture a bit more? What have you been worried about or focusing on that’s out in the future? How can you bring more awareness to the present moment?
  • While the Now-Age Healer loves thinking about the details and exploring the practical world,  the Mystical Maven (its opposite) is all about immersing herself in big ideas and esoteric thinking. What does your spiritual practice look and feel like right now? If you don’t have a spiritual practice, what would you like it to look and feel like? If it’s been shaky, how can you reinvent your relationship to your practice? What spiritual tools or modalities are you curious about and desire to explore? What, if anything, is holding you back from tapping into them?

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