Archetype Linestrider

The Linestrider understands the importance of balancing what appear to be opposites—masculine and feminine, business and play, logic and magic—and beyond balancing, is able to effortlessly dance between worlds and weave them together.

This archetype is inclusive and is always encouraging others to play nice and be fair. She takes a strong stand for community over competition and believes that sacred sisterhood has the power to heal the world. The Linestrider also believes in living in harmony with the cycles and seasons and is all about syncing with the natural rhythms of the Earth.

How you can apply this info to your life + biz...

Enhance your Linestrider magic:

Journal Prompts

  • Reflect on the relationships and communities you’re a part of. Which relationships and communities bring positivity into your life? Which drain you? How can you continue to grow and nurture your positive relationships. What steps can you take to let go of your negative ones?

  • Since the Linestrider archetype is all about playing fair and creating community, it’s important that you take time for yourself and your personal initiatives. This is where activating the opposite energy of the Initiatrix comes in handy! Yes, it’s great to be concerned about the wellbeing of others, but how can you focus more on your desires and ambitions? What have you been wanting to do/create/be, but feel like you’ve been held back because of what people in your life would say or think? How can finally take a step in the direction of your desires?

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