Archetype Initiatrix

The Initiatrix is a force to be reckoned with. She is a fiery leader who blazes her own path and inspires others to loyally follow her. When she's passionate about something, she takes action immediately and is on the frontline making shit happen.

This archetype is bold, confident, and influential. She knows what she wants and believes wholeheartedly in her ability to get exactly what she wants…and nothing less. She enjoys the thrill of a challenge and does not back down once she commits to her desires. She is full of passion and enthusiasm and has no problem taking command and owning the spotlight.

How you can apply this info to your life + biz...

Enhance your Initiatrix magic:

Journal Prompts

  • Read this phrase out loud: I am a powerful leader. What comes up for you when you read this? What emotions, thoughts, and feelings present themselves? Do you view yourself as a leader? If so, what type of leader are you? If not, what’s stopping you from feeling like a leader? How can you own your power and command your leadership?
  • While the Initiatrix archetype is all about leading and doing things her own way, The Linestrider (its opposite) is all about balance, community, and equality. Reflect on the relationships and communities you’re a part of. Which relationships and communities bring positivity into your life? Which drain you? How can you continue to grow and nurture your positive relationships. What steps can you take to let go of your negative ones?

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