About Copy

About Me

I’m not JUST a business consultant.

Or a life coach.

OR A spiritual GUIDE.

I’m a visionary, sorceress, coach, facilitator, teacher, alchemist, sister, creative, strategist, goofball, priestess, listener, collaborator, guide, consultant, activator, leader—and so much more.

I have difficulty seeing the world in black and white. I see ALL different shades and colors and am never one to put things (or people) in boxes. I believe that life is more enjoyable when things are swirled together (who wants JUST chocolate, or JUST vanilla anyway?!).

I love colliding worlds—like business, spirituality, wellness, lifestyle, and relationships together.

Why? Because I believe in a holistic approach. I don’t believe anything exists in a vacuum and so I always look at the ENTIRE picture with my clients. And that’s why the results my clients experience are deep, lasting, and permeate all areas of life.

How’s that been working for you?

Are you feeling confused? Exhausted? Stuck? Burnt out? Bored Uninspired?

I feel you.

I used to think the answer was in my title or my niche, but I realized that I couldn’t have been more wrong.

If you’re reading this right now, I’m guessing your’re multi-passionate, multi-purposed, and multi-talented. You don’t fit into a box, but you’ve been trying your best to “niche down” and market your services in a way that fits the coaching mold.

It’s not about zoning in on that ONE thing, but it’s about knowing how to masterfully weave ALL your elements together to activate your unique power and leadership.

But you can’t step into the role of the elemental alchemist until you commit to tossing out the rules, cookie cutters, and expectations and instead, trade them with a sincere curiosity to know yourself, to tap into your inner wisdom, and to to devote yourself to uncovering your truths + desires.

Right now you may be experiencing an internal pull that’s tugging at you and prodding at you to go deeper; to explore; to expand. Your soul is yearning for you to surrender and finally reconnect with that humming power inside of you.

And while you've acknowledged this pull, you've also resisted it. Because it’s a mystery and unknown, which means there’s zero certainty. And that’s scary AF.

But it’s time to stop running away from the fear, and instead, feel the fear and embrace it. How the hell do you do this though?

That’s where I come in 😉

I’m here to guide you on your own sacred journey through both your internal and external landscapes so you can finally uncover your unique magic and claim your forgotten power.

We all have it inside of us, however, we've grown accustomed to dimming our light and blending in with those around us.

We've even come to believe that doing what everyone else is doing (especially if they're getting results) is the sure way to success. WRONG!

The lure of get-rich-quick tactics and proven business formulas can be super enticing. I personally got sucked into the notion that “success” meant hitting the 6-figure mark. Ha!

Funnily enough, the month that I hit six-figures in my business was the time when SHIT HIT THE FAN.

Before I knew it, I hit severe burnout (like, in the hospital hooked up to a morphine drip burnout) and witnessed my world spiral into a state of chaos.

I ultimately realized that I was focusing waaay too much on what others were doing in the coaching industry, and as a result, my own purpose and passion quickly faded into the background. I had lost a signficant part of myself along the way and I didn’t even know what the hell I desired anymore. It was a dark time, to say the least.

Fortunately, this breakdown lead to my ultimate breakthrough—

There’s no one way to do anything and success is meant to be created on our own terms. We must unlearn what we’ve been taught and remember our soul truths instead.

I’m here to guide you to discover what success means to YOU and show you how to implement manageable, yet monumental, steps to get you there.

There's no need to keep wanting, wishing, and waiting for your ideal life to materialize. The time for you to get everything you desire is here—and it's yours for the taking!


I promise to stand for you and your desires and to hold you accountable for making those dreams of yours a reality—even when you may not believe it's possible yourself. I'm here to lead you to your calling and facilitate the creation of a business and a lifestyle you're OBSESSED with—AND that are true, authentic, and in integrity with your core values.

Are you ready to experience the magic?

If you’re still reading this, I know you have what it takes to step through the gate of uncertainty and enter the realm of infinite possibilities.

I invite you to choose YOURSELF. Your desires. Your truths.

It’s time to uncover your unique magic, activate your leadership, and create limitless abudnance...and to have a fuck ton of fun while doing so!

Head on over here to see what kind of Spells + Services I'm offering right now and how we can embark on this incredible journey together.)


I’M ADDICTED TO :: Kombucha, sushi, and racking up fitbit steps

MY HAPPY PLACES ARE :: By the ocean, cuddled up on the couch, on the dancefloor

MOST EXCITED ABOUT :: Marrying my soulmate + bestie, Jake, on September 16th!

FLUFF BABIES :: Kado + Nola (Samoyed pups)

SUN / MOON / RISING SIGNS :: Sagittarius / Aries / Virgo

FAVORITE WORKOUTS :: EverybodyFights, Barry’s Bootcamp, CrossFit, running, barre

MY SECRET TALENT IS :: I have an “oink” noise that brings all the pigs to the yard

IN MY CLOSET :: Free People, Aqua, Lululemon, Nike...#allthecroptops

ON SPOTIFY :: Boys in the Street (Seeb), Pretty Girl (Maggie Lindemann), Times Like These (David Higgins)