Tabwoo Student Testimonials

Confidence + Competence 

Vanessa Stolarski

Carla Russo

Vanessa Vargas

Christine Renee

With the unrivaled support of the Certification, Vanessa tripled her income in 3 months. 

All of the group calls in Tabwoo made Carla much more confident in talking to people.

Vanessa found crystal clarity about her purpose and impact through the Certification.

The Certification gave Christine the confidence to turn her 1-2 month program into a 7-month signature program. 

The Certification added so many tools to my toolbox that elevated my confidence. It went from maybe this will work to I KNOW this will work.

Vanessa Stolarski

Potent + Powerful Modalities 

Mona Luna

Darya Knysh

Michelle Margaret

Brittney Harris 

I always thought of myself as a good coach, but I didn’t have the tools to really go there. The shifts happen so quickly with these tools.


Program Love

Cat McElveen

Carrie Johnson

Michelle Saya

Kelsey Kerslake

The Certification opened up the capacity for possibility. It’s helped me shift how I see the world and what I can do as a coach. Charging high prices really freaked me out. But something shifts when you invest in yourself.


Money + Abundance 

Keema Perry

Pamela Chen

Before we were charging $500 for a workshop, but within the Certification we created our high magic certification and business course, and that is now helping us create $30,000 revenue months.


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