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My time with Lexi, working with her for 6 weeks in the Leadership Immmersion program was really transformative. To be honest, I had been watching Lexi for a really long time and she was a coach I really, really wanted to work with, but I didn’t quite know what she did.

I just knew she had this magical aura and magical essence that really intrigued me, so when she mentioned that she had a new program I immediately jumped on the phone to see if I was a fit, and I’m so glad I did because it was definitely a transformational 6 weeks.

The thing that I really loved about coaching with Lexi, and this is something that thanks to the work we did together, I started to integrate into my own practice, is that she really sees you as an integrated, complicated, multi-faceted human being and there’s never any feeling of judgment.

She’s really there to hold space for you and after being in the coaching industry and having been coached by people for almost 2 years, it really took working with Lexi to understand what it mean to have someone hold space for me.

I feel like the transformation I had with Lexi was incredible. She got my out of my comfort zone quite a bit and really challenged me to think differently about what I was doing.

Not only did I become more comfortable in my actual business acumen—and definitely made financial progress in my business—a lot of the progress I actually made was on the mental and spiritual side that I wasn’t really integrating at all before.

Working with Lexi is really a full body experience, it’s mind, body, soul and energy all wrapped up into one beautifully imperfect bow and package. The best way I can explain it is she helps you to make changes big and small and allows you to do it on your timetable.

I never felt forced or pushed and that really actually motivated me to do more work and get more things done because she was supportive and she wasn’t afraid to call me out when I was playing small or when she thought of a different way to do something…she was always upfront and candid about telling me, but at the same time, she let me guide and do and always be in charge of my own path—she just gave me the tools and the framework.

So with Lexi, especially in FAW, any woman who knows she’s meant for more and needs the container and the space to work through her own thoughts, to be able to experiment, to be in an incredibly safe space, and who really wants to do it with other women who have similar goals, similar interests, and want similar things, this is going to be the perfect program for you.

This is really about women who not only want to improve themselves, but improve other people, but they know that transformation doesn’t happen overnight.

A lot of the time with the coaching world is that we have the tendency to jump from thing to thing to thing and never work with someone for an extended period of time—so having Lexi for a full year, 12 whole months where you’re with her talking about concepts in-depth will literally not only change your life, but will change the lives of everyone you come into contact with for the better.

There is just something about Lexi that is pure magic and the way that she holds space for you. If there was ever an experience that I would recommend to someone it would be Fully Activated Woman, just because being in Lexi’s energy will be completely transformative and the leader you’ll be in 12 month’s time will be beyond anything that you could possibly imagine.

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Lexi, I need to tell you how liberating it’s been to work with you and have a coach who I can fully be myself around. There was nothing you didn’t help support me in. I love how you truly are there for your clients and don’t have an agenda for them - except for them to flourish and feel aligned. You gotta know that you’re more than a biz coach. Part of the reason I loved working with you is that I could talk about my biz one moment and then also get real about some life shit the next moment and you knew just how to support me. I’ve never worked with a coach who is so free of judgment and opens their heart fully to their clients. Because running a business is not just about the biz itself, it’s about so much more. It’s about the emotions it brings up, and the doubt, and how it impacts everything. And you GET it. I wish I had known how awesome you were eons ago.

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These are the three things I believe truly set you apart from other coaches and leaders in the industry:

1. Mix of business and spirituality - I LOVE this about you. I feel I not only learn how to run a biz that brings joy and success (on my own terms) but I am learning life skills that are helping me grow in all aspects of my life.

2. Fun - you are very creative and make things fun! You take fresh approaches to common problems that make building a biz SO MUCH FUN and ENJOYABLE. I love how you create games out of worksheets, use crystals and tarot in your biz, and have a Divine Feminine approach to running a biz (i.e. quieting the inner critic, learning from when things aren't going well, focusing on what gives you pleasure and feels easy, believing that you and your business hold a greater purpose on this planet).

3. Authenticity - I really love and appreciate your authenticity. It helped earn my trust quickly and BELIEVE in your message. I love how you write like you speak, don't take yourself too seriously, and embody your truth. You serve as a role model just by doing you!

Thank you for believing in me and continuing to light the way for what I'm trying to do in this world. I am forever grateful our paths crossed. Love you!!

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I love your fusion of biz and woo…something I personally resonate with! I also love how you don't teach cookie cutter approaches but empower women to figure out their own path and their own rules, and you instill a belief that anything is possible if we are connected to our truth. That was what I was seeking: permission to really go for it and trust myself, from someone who wasn't just giving lip service but who had achieved levels of success I desired on her own terms, and had "walked the walk" to get there.

The biggest thing I took away from our time together was hands down an unshakable rock solid belief in myself, my vision, and my own knowledge. I am in my groove and excited about the work I'm doing instead of second guessing myself or feeling like I'm not good enough yet.

I feel like you are my person 🙂 it's not anything you did to set yourself apart, but more of just who you are. You have the ability to create this massive creative vision that is completely unique, and then you get to work and make it happen. I also love how you bring like minded women from all different spheres of influence together to make magic happen. And how you are so affirming and validating of your clients' ideas and visions.

You are the best and your dogs are the cutest!


Working with Lexi allowed me to move through my self-doubt and gave me the confidence to actions inside of my business that I hadn’t before. It was amazing to take all the thoughts in my head and actually bringing them to life. Plus, having someone who was able to connect me with women who were my ideal clients so I could talk to them gave me a lot of excitement, confidence, and momentum.

Lexi is so giving and so generous with her time. She would never be like, “Hey! We’re going over time,” but instead, she would make sure I felt very complete. It’s clear that she really cares about her clients and how they feel and is NOT just there for the money. I honestly don’t see a lot of people take the time and care that she does, which is really cool.

Even now that we’re no longer working together, Lexi still takes time to give me tips and help me when I’m feeling stuck. In my opinion, this really differentiates her from other coaches. It’s the little things that really matter and make people feel taken care of, understood, and loved.

Lexi is so amazing, so inspiring, and I love that she always leads with her truth. She has helped me to fully express myself and ditch the fear of what people will think of me when I stand in my fullest expression. I now own what I stand for and speak up so I can attract who I know I am meant to serve. This was a game changer for me, because I hadn’t previously been supported with someone really pushing me to figure out what I stand for and believe in.

Lexi does such an incredible job at helping people tap into their why and their true authentic self—that’s what I was really craving. Lexi gave me the support I needed to fully embody my message and step into my power.

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