There are unseen and influential planetary frequencies surrounding us all the time, but what would happen if we intentionally tuned into those frequencies to support our business success?

Catalyst is a 5-week journey to discover the supportive and strategic secrets that your natal Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn have to share with you! We start February 21st. 

Included in the program is the Make Your Mark with your Star Aligned Core Offer workshop replay (hosted on February 1st), which is all about how to plan out a core offer that aligns with your Midheaven magic!

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In chemistry, a catalyst is a substance that causes a chemical reaction to take place more quickly. As astrologers, we view each celestial body as a catalyst for change—they cause reactions and amplify the effects of the constantly evolving natural world.

So it’s highly beneficial to work in harmony with our celestial friends if we desire to use their supporting energetic frequencies for star aligned strategy and future proof business planning!





When you optimize your business with mercurial frequencies you are likely to find yourself feeling more charismatic, having a deeper understanding of your clients needs, being able to innovate and view situations from different perspectives, and being confident in communicating your brand voice and message clearly in your marketing.

Mercury, the Messenger

encourages you to be a clear channel so you can broadcast your brilliance.

When you optimize your business with Venusian frequencies you are likely to find yourself magnetizing prosperous opportunities and mutually fulfilling client relationships, experiencing embodied confidence and uninhibitedness in your creative self-expression.

Venus, the Unifier

asks you to be the embodiment of your soul’s purpose so you make an unforgettable impression on the world.

When you optimize your business with Martian frequencies you are likely to find yourself embracing uncertainty with hope, forging an aligned path towards fulfillment, understanding the driving force of your ambition and the call to take on a leadership role, and the ability to thrive no matter what you come up against.

Mars, the Activator

invokes your fierce, heroic spirit to carry out your ambitious plans.

When you optimize your business with Jupiterian frequencies you are likely to find yourself able to freely dance with the ebbs and flows of business knowing that cycles will come and go but that stability and balance lie within you. You’re able to think outside of the box and can see the potential for business growth and expansion—making you one of the free-spirited sovereign individuals who achieves the big vision dreams whilst uplifting humanity in the process.

Jupiter, the Expander

requires you to invite in your optimism so you can go big, and then go bigger.

When you optimize your business with Saturnian frequencies you are likely to find yourself capable of doing the work, even if you don’t feel ready, taking radical responsibility for self, being flexible while also persistent and persevering, accepting of the opportunities that teach you how to stretch beyond your preconceived limitations.

Saturn, the Reinforcer

expects you to practice patience on the road to self mastery and business success.

The Make Your Mark With Your Start Aligned Core Offer Workshop is a prerequisite for Catalyst.

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When you join Catalyst, you'll get instant access to the replay from February 1st!



This is a 5-week program, with a prerequisite of participation in the Make Your Mark with Your Star Aligned Core Offer workshop. (PS—If you enroll in Catalyst but missed the workshop live, the replay will be included in your purchase for free!)

We’ll gather for a weekly 90 minute group call where Vicki + Jo (Tabwoo Headteachers) will share their knowledge of 1 of the 5 planetary frequencies with the aim of giving you a theoretical understanding and steps of how to personally apply the teachings.

There will be a private Telegram group for support in between calls, and you’ll receive additional resources to use along the way, such as the audio files and a personal companion guide book.

You’ll be provided with 5 pre-recorded guided meditations designed for you to gain personal understanding and insight into what may inhibit you from having a harmonious relationship with each of your celestial friends and what fears might be overcome or worked through in regards to fully monetising your unique change making magic.

Catalyst starts on February 21st.
We'd be honored to have you join us.



Join us on a 5-week journey to discover the supportive and strategic secrets these 5 planets have been wanting to channel through to you for sustainable success!



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We highly encourage you to be an active participant over our 5 weeks together so you can get the most out of this program. 

If you’re committed to creating a future where humanity thrives—

you're a catalyst

If you’re a leader, practitioner, healer, wellbeing advocate, or coach—

you're a catalyst

If you see the potential in others and tend to bring out the best in people—

you're a catalyst

Transformational leaders and practitioners who catalyze change are firstly committed to embodying the change they wish to see and then infuse the work they do in the world with their embodied knowledge with absolute integrity. They embrace opportunities in the present moment and also cast spells that eventuate into future probabilities. They are the magicians of the world!

Rather than circling around, running out of steam, or going backwards they create momentum all while recognizing when further change is needed. They challenge the status quo, because they defy the supposed natural order of things. They seem to succeed by confidently walking the beat of their own drum and (surprisingly to onlookers) it works for them. Pretty magical, right!

How can you and your business be a catalyst for positive change in the world?





Armed with the power of self-awareness and sovereignty, you have the knowledge and now trust your ability to create and sustain success in your life on your terms—and have a future proof plan for it!

With newfound confidence and willingness to be the conduit for such power, you simplify your approach to business with a clear direction for its purpose, amplify the potency of your offerings, and strengthen the broadcasting potential and magnetism of your message.

Based on how you are designed to thrive with certain astrological influences, you extract and dismantle any incongruent identities, societal stressors, and limiting paradigms that have (in the past) inhibited full alignment with your innate magic.

You are already working your innate magic in the world, so let’s ensure that your entire business plan is star-aligned and future-proofed for the greatest impact and sustainable income!

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Over the 30 years of working in the Transformational Arts industry, I’ve learnt a great deal about myself, especially my innate ability to support people who are teetering on the verge of or deeply in the midst of an intense metamorphic process that can be frightening to navigate alone.

The most reliable map that I used to navigate self-doubt and uncertainty during these years and how to cultivate the best conditions for me to thrive, was my Astrological Natal Chart!

By coming to understand the innate frequencies of having my natal Midheaven in the zodiac sign of Scorpio, I am now acutely aware of how I’m born to make my highest contribution to humanity and I’m always prepared for the challenges that this placement offers me.

I have greater confidence in myself because I’m absolutely certain that my chosen specialty as a practitioner (and now educator) is soul aligned and therefore a sustainable ongoing path to success.

About Vicki

student director + teaching faculty

I’ve been coaching in some format since 2010—it started off with reading tarot (which I’ve been doing intuitively for over 20 years now), but I quickly realized that wasn’t fulfilling enough so I created different types of packages that combined coaching + consulting with tarot and astrology.

Once I learned more about my natal astrology, so much snapped into place and made sense for me, in particular my affinity for shadows. I didn’t think, all those years ago, that I could take the things I loved the most and that came naturally to me, and turn them into an immensely satisfying career—in fact, I thought the exact opposite!

I specialize in helping people work through fear-based disempowering programming in order to reclaim their confidence and re-ignite the fire within their soul. Through multiple unique modalities (such as Shadow Divination™, AstroVibeology™, + Somatic Sorcery™), I help people face exactly what it is that is holding them back, and work with them to move through it; replacing it with the freedom + sovereignty to build the reality they've been dreaming of. 

About Jo

program director + teaching faculty

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